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Traffic Violations

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Considering that the majority of the population in our country over the age of sixteen is licensed to drive, it is integral that extensive measures are in place to control the vast traffic on the roads. The aim is to encourage safe driving by reforming bad drivers. If these bad drivers are not educated after their traffic violations, serious car accidents may result due to their carelessness.

The concept of traffic tickets is used to deter unsafe driving by giving the bad drivers tickets. You can get a ticket for speeding, turning into a wrong lane, parking at a spot reserved for handicaps without the required sticker on your car, driving at night without your headlights, etc. An overdue parking meter is another common reason for being given a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are distinguished on the basis of moving vs. non moving violations. For example, running a red light is a moving violation while parking in a no-parking zone is a non-moving violation.

If a person is caught driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), then that person has committed a serious crime, which may lead to arrest. Even painkillers and over-the-counter drugs like antihistamines can impair the driving skills, so you need to be very careful while taking to the road in such a condition. You may be subjected to a field sobriety test like reciting the alphabets backwards. If suspected of DUI, the next step is usually a chemical test; using blood, urine, or even breath, the person is tested for intoxication. If you refuse the test, then you can be in serious trouble such as suspension of your driver license for six months to a year. It is in your best interests to agree to the test, and hire a traffic violations lawyer as soon as possible to resolve the legal tangle for you.

 Most of the traffic tickets are treated as minor offenses by several state jurisdictions; hence, they’re not handled in the criminal court. However, if traffic violations have a serious result such as an injury to a person or physical property, then the situation may be quite different. If you or your loved one is involved in a major situation like this, then choose an experienced traffic violations lawyer to handle your case. Serious offenses may lead to arrest and conviction, so you need to know your legal rights in such unpleasant circumstances. Moreover, such convictions may also result in a negative effect on your insurance rates and driving privileges. So, hire an experienced traffic violations lawyer to work for your best interests. Moreover, sometimes it is quite frustrating to be given a traffic ticket even if you had been driving safely so an experienced traffic violations lawyer will also help you in fighting your ticket.