Detroit Law Firms


There are a number of Detroit law firms that specialize in different areas of law. Some provide solutions for personal injury while others guide in family law matters. The type of Detroit attorney you should settle for depends on your particular need. For example, if you have suffered from discrimination you need to look for Detroit law firms that have proven record of winning similar cases. In the same way, those who have a legal issue related to family such as child custody need to hire family law firm in their area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can Detroit law firms help me with Intellectual Property litigation?

A:A number of Detroit law firms provide extensive services in Intellectual Property litigation. The services include Copyright, Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Law and Trademark Law. Furthermore, Detroit law firms also provide Licensing & Technology and Trade Secret & Non Compete services. It is important to note that the services depend on the law firm's area of expertise. It is important set up an initial consultation or visit the law firm's website to find out what services they specialize in.

Q:What areas in family law can a Detroit attorney help me with?

A:Attorneys in Detroit provide extensive legal services pertaining to family law. Attorneys assist clients in divorce cases, child support, child custody, adoption, termination of parental or visitation rights and marriage and property matters. The above mentioned are just some of the areas in family law these attorneys specialize in. However, it is important to note that not every lawyer in Detroit specializes in these areas. Search our website for more information.