Washington Law Firms


Located near the Pacific Northwest is the state of Washington. The state has large metropolitan areas that are home to renowned law firms. These firms have contributed to the legal framework of the state. Washington law firms are helping all kinds of corporations and families in the state, they believe in making justice and law accessible for all groups. It is important that you have your legal rights protected and counteract any injustice with the help of a Washington attorney. Washington law firms can provide you with affordable and innovative solutions for your legal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:While searching for Washington Law Firms who deal in intellectual property rights I came across Covington and Burling? Do they handle intellectual property cases?

A:Covington and Burling is a top notch law international firm with offices in Washington, New York, London, Beijing and many other important cities. The firm has plenty of experience in dealing with intellectual property cases and it gives high class services to its customers by combining their expertise of patent, trade secret, copyright and trademark laws. Professional and experienced lawyers at the firm handle cases before courts, government agencies and arbitration panels.

Q:When should I contact Washington lawyers for a wrongful death?

A:Generally speaking for you to file a wrongful death claim there must be a direct correlation between the cause of death and the misconduct of another person. The defendant has to be negligent or strictly for the victim's death. Moreover the departed may have family members who have suffered emotional and monetary damages as a result.

Q:I wasn't drunk but still I was charged with a DUI offence. Should I contact a washington lawyer?

A:Whenever you are charged with a criminal offence it is always advisable to look for professional legal guidance. So you should contact a lawyer in the Washington if you are charged with driving under influence (DUI). You should know that in Washington State you don't have to be "drunk" to be charged, the prosecutor just needs to prove that you were affected by alcohol. On field officer's testimony will be used against you by the State.

Q:In which cases should I contact washington immigration law?

A:You can contact a Washington attorney for a number of immigration related issues. Some of these issues are: (i) if you want temporary or permanent residency status (ii) need legal guidance with a nonimmigrant visa for a fiancé (K1 visa) (iii) facing deportation or removal. Businesses which want to secure a temporary work visa for their foreign employees can also contact a Washington lawyer.

Q:According to washington criminal law how long before the police has to file charges against me?

A:In Washington State you are not entitled to speedy trail rights until you appear for arraignment. Once you are presented for arraignment and you are in custody, you have the right to a trail within sixty days. The period after arraignment can stretch to ninety days if you are not in custody. However it is important to keep in mind that there are exceptions to speedy trail rights.

Q:If I know someone who died because of negligence should I contact a washington attorney?

A:If you feel that the death of someone that you know has been caused due to negligence you should immediately contact a Washington Attorney. At times, the circumstances regarding a death are as such that a lay person cannot determine on his/her own that whether a wrongful death claim should be filed or not. For example if someone dies during a medical procedure a lawyer may decide that it is better to file a case for medical malpractice rather than wrongful death. So it strongly advised that you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Q:What rights do I have under washington real estate law?

A:Washington property law is more than just ownership rights and interests. The law addresses concerns about ownerships rights, transfer of ownerships rights and limits on ownership. Much of these laws are codified in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). The rights and interests relating to property will also depending on whether it's an owned property or leased one.