Law Periscope Unveils "The Top 100 Online Legal Resources!"

Top Law Sites

Law Periscope comes up with the most comprehensive and relevant Top 100 list of Law Firms across the United.

Based on a stringently monitored scale, LawPeriscope has trimmed the edges off its list of 100 of the most reliable, genuinely helpful and updated resource of legal-aid firms online. This list includes websites of some of the biggest law firms from around the world.

The selection criterion was based on a number of professional characteristics which includes timely updates about the law firm, helpful legal links, information or resources within the website and feed back of users from around the world. User feedback option was added to all the websites competing for the Top 100 position and fortunately, in spite of most users being busy corporate clients, most took the time to leave feedback about the kind of experience they had on their required page.
According to one user, “the survey was pretty streamlined and did not ask repetitive or staged questions. It was a short and crisp survey which did not take too long to fill out. In the end I am glad my opinion has resulted in something positive and useful for other users as well.”

On the kind of response this initiative is drawing from concerned circles, Anastasia Layman, Head of PR at LawPeriscope revealed that “so far the response and feedback has been good. Since now the complicated process of choosing a reliable law firm has been streamlined to the best 100 in the industry, so it is being genuinely appreciated by law firms as well as their prospective clients.”

About LawPeriscope
While it is true that in every time and age, people have been trying to compile lists and groups of things which work and those which don’t. You will find a number of similar sites online guiding you towards reliable legal aid recourses. Compared to others, LawPeriscope might be new on the block but it has invested heavily in terms of time and commitment towards providing its users the best possible information regarding their legal questions and issues. It has securely laid the basic ground work of gaining user trust and satisfaction. The site is appropriately referenced with the area of law each firm excels in, its affordability and accessibility, so users can make a quick yet well informed decision about the kind of law firm they would like to hire for their specific legal need. For genuine legal advice, visit, California.