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Tenants Rights

Under the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are certain rights and obligations of a tenant within a landlord-tenant agreement. Tenants rights entitle the tenant to get all the maintenance and repairs from the landlord. Minimum standard requirements have to be met by the landlord for repairs and maintenance so that the property is ready for inhabitance. However, any repairs and maintenance beyond the minimum level have to be paid by the tenant. At the same time, the tenant is obliged to make prompt rental payments to the landlord for the use of the property and must not disturb neighbors with excessive noise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you give me some information about tenant rights and obligations?

A:When a landlord and a tenant come into a formal contract, there are certain obligations and responsibilities that fall on each of the parties. Breach of any on any side of the contractual parties will or can lead to lawsuits. It is important that tenants know what their duties and obligations are. Each state has defined tenant's rights accordingly, with slight variations. Explained briefly, tenant's rights and responsibilities include security deposits, regular payment of rent, reasonable care of premises, care of surroundings, harboring pets lawfully, and more. On the other hand, tenants have the right to sue the landlord if they are treated other than reasonable, unreasonable condition of the house, improper eviction notice, and more. These are just a few of what is expected form a tenant and under what circumstances he/she can appeal to a court.

Q:What is the role of a Tenants Rights Lawyer?

A:Tenants right lawyers are skilled professionals who have acquired specialization in the practice area of tenant's rights. The law states certain rights for tenants and renters, both expected to fulfill their obligations according to the law. Safety, protection, privacy, liability, loss, and insurance are the main areas that have been explained in the tenant/landlord rights index of the consumer act. To make sure tenants are treated fairly by landlords, tenant rule have been developed. In case of breach or non compliance, tenant lawyers are hired to represent tenants.

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