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About the Firm

Although Locke Lord was founded in 2007, Locke Lord Liddell and Sapp can trace its roots back to the later part of the 19th century. Maurice Locke, a former mathematics professor laid foundation to a tradition of professionalism which is still prevalent and instilled within the firm today more than a hundred years later. Established with the sole purpose of assisting clients and providing the best possible solutions, Locke Lord Liddell and Sapp developed a tradition in excellence and diligence in its early days. Lord Locke currently employs more than 600 highly qualified attorneys who provide legal services in a number of areas of law. The firm is still headquartered in Dallas, which is where Lord Locke Liddell and Sapp was founded in 1891.
The firm’s current head count is around 650 attorneys who are stationed all around the world providing a variety of legal services. These services range from banking and financial services to international tax and health care litigation. Locke Lord caters to a number of industries and has successfully assisted clients in a number of landmark cases. Before the merger in 2007 which ultimately combined the two legacy firms together, Lord Locke Liddell and Sapp LLP specialized in real estate investment trusts and energy sectors. However, currently Lord Locke has expanded its areas of expertise and practices. The merger of Locke Lord Liddell and Sapp and Lord Bissell and Brook marked the beginning of an era that saw two accomplished firms join hands to form a collaboration of ideas, expertise and a common goal towards excellence.

A distinguished law concern, Winstead Sechrest and Minick is known for its unparalleled customer service and profound experience in the field of law. For this office customers always come first and it is this philosophy that helped it earn the reputation of one of the most reliable law firms in the country. The deep knowledge and wide experience of its attorney makes the firm partners to its clients rather than acting as their mere legal service provider. Its team understands the businesses and industries of clients which gives it an edge over other eminent law concerns.
Teamwork is one of the core values of Winstead Sechrest and Minick. The close coordination of its staff members helps them achieve the objectives of clients in a much more effective than what they can do individually. Excellence is another core value of this law firm. It only gives the best to clients knowing that this is what they want from any law concern. The firm also respects its clients and owns their problems that allow it to provide best possible counsel to them.
Winstead Sechrest and Minick has received a number of awards for its matchless service. Also, it has been recognized by various organizations and publication for its superb customer service. It received top tier ranking by Best Lawyers in 2011 in a variety of practices other getting various other recognitions. All these speak much of the popularity and reliability of this prestigious law firm.
Other than exceeding the expectation of clients belonging to a variety of industries, Winstead Sechrest and Minick also exceeds in pro bono activities. It is committed to serve the community by providing them the best legal guidance free of cost so that the underprivileged can also avail the legal service that they deserve to protect their rights and lead a decent life.


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Areas of Law

  • Appellate
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction
  • Corporate, Securities/Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Energy & Environmental Law
  • Fiduciary Litigation
  • Finance & Banking
  • Government Enforcement & Regulated Industries Litigation
  • Government Relations
  • Healthcare
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor, Employment and Immigration
  • Planned Community, Mixed Use & Condominium
  • Public & Regulatory Law
  • Public Finance
  • Real Estate Banking, Insurance Companies & Fund Advisors
  • Real Estate Development & Investments
  • Real Estate Structured Finance
  • Securities Litigation and Enforcement
  • Syndicated Finance
  • Taxation, Employee Benefits & Private Business
  • Tort & Insurance Litigation
  • Wealth Preservation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the core values at Winstead Sechrest and Minick?

A:Since its establishment, the Winstead Sechrest and Mminick law firm has provided legal services in accordance with its founding core values. These core values are Teamwork within the organization, Excellence in client services, Personal Growth for all employees, Respect for clients, law and opponents, Integrity, Dependability, Service, Intensity and Commitment. These core values have successfully served as the cornerstone for the Winstead Sechrest and Minick law firm throughout its existence.

Q:Could you give an overview of the Pro Bono program at the Winstead law firm?

A:The Winstead law firm has an extensive Pro Bono program which is designed to help individuals who cannot afford legal fees on their own. The Winstead law firm has worked with nonprofit organizations, community leaders and individual clients. The firm has also provided legal services to aid organizations such as Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas and Houston Volunteer Attorney Program.

Q:What specific areas of Business & Transactions do Winstead attorneys provide services in?

A:Winstead attorneys provide services in a number of Business & Transaction areas. The areas firm provides legal services in are Business Restructuring, Corporate Securities, Energy & Environmental law, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Government Relations, Intellectual Property, Public Finance, Real Estate Banking, Taxation, Wealth Preservation, Syndicated Finance and Real Estate Finance. The above mentioned are just some of the areas of Business and Transactions the firm extensively coves.

Q:What areas of litigation & dispute resolution are covered by Winstead Sechrest?

A:The Winstead Sechrest covers an extensive area in litigation & dispute resolution. The firm provides services in commercial litigation, appellate, construction, energy & environmental law, intellectual property, labor, employment, immigration, securities litigation & enforcement, tort & insurance litigation, regulated industries litigation and government enforcement. The firm has provided these services to a number of industries ranging from construction and energy to real estate and technology.

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