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Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP is a full service law firm principally based in Baltimore, MD. The law firm has other offices as well in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC.  Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP specializes in real estate, tax, nonprofit, technology, intellectual property, employment, bankruptcy, litigation, and corporate laws. The law firm for its professional and its attorneys for providing dedicated services to its clients for so many years, has received multiple recognitions from various prestigious publications, like the U.S. News & World Report and Chambers USA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can the attorneys at Whiteford Taylor and Preston LLP help me with estate planning cases?

A:The attorneys at Whiteford Taylor and Preston LLP provide extensive services in estate planning cases. The firm's attorneys have experience with estate tax planning and have dealt with family owned estates in the past. The attorneys handling estate planning have been part of a number of landmark cases over the years. Due to their exemplary services, the attorneys at Whiteford Taylor and Preston LLP have the distinction of being the fellows of the American College of Trust and Estate Council (ACTEC).

Q:What kind of clean energy companies does the Whiteford Taylor and Preston law firm provide services to?

A:The Clean Energy Technology industry is Whiteford Taylor and Preston's biggest client. The firm provides legal services to a number of companies in this industry. The Whiteford Taylor and Preston specifically deals with companies who manufacture solar energy products. Some of the other companies include developer of algal bio fuel, wave energy technology companies, installers of solar energy panels and manufacturer of regenerative electric propulsion systems.

Q:Can you provide a brief overview of the Whiteford Taylor and Preston law firm?

A:The Whiteford Taylor and Preston was established in 1933 with a sole purpose of helping clients and industries with their business concerns. More than half a century later, the firm has a number of offices all across the United State with more than a 160 highly qualified attorneys. The firm provides services in a number of areas of law to clients ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The Whiteford Taylor and Preston law also has a comprehensive Pro Bono practice which has played an instrumental role in helping a number of individual clients and nonprofit organizations.

Q:What organizations do the Preston law firms work in collaboration with as part of their Pro Bono program?

A:The Preston law firms works with a number of organizations as part of their Pro Bono program. Some of the organizations the firm works with are By Kids for Kids, Legal Aid Bureau, Public Justice Center, Human Rights First, Health Education Resource Organization (HERO), Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Pro Bono Resource Center for Maryland, Public Justice Center and Sand town Habitat for Humanity. In addition to these collaborators, the Preston firm also helps in fundraising.

Q:What kind of clients in real estate litigation do law firms Preston represent?

A:The Preston law firms represent a wide variety of clients in real estate litigation. Some of the clients the firm provides services to are home builders, contractors, real estate developers, condominium and community associations, commercial lessors and tenants, commercial and residential property owners and large residential community builders. The mentioned clients are provided a number of services that range from complex zoning litigation to real estate transaction disputes.

Q:Do attorneys at Preston law firm provide litigation services?

A:The attorneys at Preston law firm provide litigation services in a number of areas of law. The firm provides litigation services in Business cases, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Construction, Real Estate, Appellate Practice, Mass Tort and Class Action, Medical Malpractice and Labor and Employment. The above mentioned are just some of the areas of law in which the firm provides extensive litigating services in.

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