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About the Firm

White and Williams is a premium law concern that is recognized for its commitment to excellence and creative legal solutions. For more than a century, this eminent firm has been serving clients having a variety of legal requirements and helping them achieve their objectives with its unsurpassed legal advice. The extensive experience and wide array of services enables this office to provide clients result-oriented solutions through superior customer service. The firm believes in cost effectiveness. This is why despite of its outstanding counsel it remains within the reach of all in terms of affordability. This way the firm add value to every client relationship and makes every client return to it and refer it to others as well.
The team of White and Williams LLP includes some of the most talented and experienced professionals that excel in their field enabling the firm to manage the challenges faced by its clients effectively. Their preeminent skill and wealth of knowledge enables them to achieve excellent results just as they want.
For White and Williams LLP excellence and creativity are much more than words.  These values in fact guide the firm to provide superior service to every client. The firm also believes in keeping its clients up to date with their cases as communication and close coordination helps to build better understanding that is vital to achieve superior results.
White and Williams knows and understand the value of diversity; it gets together professionals with varied mindsets and viewpoints as it enriches its services. The firm has staff from all ethnicities, cultures and religions that reflects the contemporary diverse and multicultural society and has been recognized for its diversity by various legal publications. Multicultural Law has listed in its List of Top 100 Law Firms for diversity.
White and Williams is also known for its pro bono efforts. The attorneys at this firm spend numerous hours every year in the service of non-profit organizations and individuals and help them protect their rights and have quality legal solutions free of cost.


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Areas of Law

  • Business Transactions
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do attorneys at White and Williams LLP provide services in General Commercial Litigation?

A:The attorneys at White and Williams LLP provide extensive legal services in General Commercial Litigation. The areas the firm specializes in are Partnership Disputes, Shareholder Disputes, Antitrust, Securities, Commercial Contract Litigation, Lender Liability Litigation, Class Action Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, RICO, ERISA and Real Estate and Title Insurance Litigation. Apart from these, the firm specializes in a number of other areas of law as well.

Q:Can you provide a brief overview of the White and Williams law firm?

A:The White and Williams law firm was founded in 1899 by Thomas Raeburn White. Since its establishment, the firm and its lawyers have been a prominent part of the legal community in the United States. The firm specializes in a number of areas of law and has successfully established a number of offices in the United States and an international office in China. Apart from an extensive practice that ranges from Business and Corporate law to Real Estate and Securities, the firm provides Pro Bono services and is committed to reducing its carbon foot print through a number of initiatives.

Q:What areas in intellectual property are covered by White Williams attorneys?

A:The attorneys at White Williams provide extensive legal services in intellectual property cases. The areas covered in this practice include trademark and copyright procurement, trade secret protection, acquisition counseling, monitoring and maintaining portfolios, licensing and technology transfer transactions and corporate confidentiality. The attorneys at While Williams have extensive experience in intellectual property litigation.

Q:What parts of the insurance law are covered by the White and Williams law firm?

A:The attorneys at the White and Williams law firm cover a number of areas in insurance law. The sections the firm provides services in are insurance fraud, reinsurance, workers compensation, health care, insurance coverage and bad faith and excess liability. Since its establishment, the firm has been part of a number of cases where clients have received favorable verdicts.

Q:Which organizations are on Williams law firm volunteer list?

A:The Williams law firm actively volunteers for a number of organizations. Some of these organizations are Committee of Seventy, Immigration Project, Grateful Nation Montana, Delaware Office of Child Advocate, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, Support Center for Child Advocates, South Middlesex Legal Services and Massachusetts Disability Law Center. A number of attorneys at the Williams law firm have been recognized for their services to community projects and awareness programs.

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