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Wessels Sherman Joerg Liszka Laverty Seneczko P.C. is a premier law firm, specializing in the complex legal fields of labor and employment laws. With offices in the Midwestern United States, the firm has an outstanding track record in cases involving workers compensation, collective and class action litigation, wage and hour compliance, labor union matters, immigrant work visas, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employee benefits and ERISA, as well as those involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some of the attorneys at Wessels Sherman possess a rich legal experience spanning over 25 years.
James B. Sherman is a managing shareholder in Sherman Law. A graduate of the Marquette University Law School, he is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition, Sherman also practices before the state of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota bars. A specialist in labor matters and employment litigation, he has a solid experience in complex litigation involving ERISA, FLSA, ADEA, ADA and Title VII claims. Sherman is also known as one of the successful lawyers who have helped the courts set countless precedents. Wessels Sherman was founded by Richard H. Wessels who is now a senior shareholder in the firm. A graduate of DePaul University’s College of Law, he practices before the Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois bars and is a noted legal expert in the area of labor unions.  Before starting the law firm, Wessels has held top positions of responsibility in two Chicago-based corporations. It is said that his negotiation skills with labor unions were sharpened by his time working with these corporations. Ever since the start of the firm, he is one of the most sought after attorneys by corporations facing the threat of unionization. As recently as this year, he is selected to be named in Illinois Super Lawyers.
With their deep knowledge of the industry and excellent legal skills coupled with an unmatched display of professionalism, the law firm has assumed a very prominent role in the fields of labor and employment laws, especially in the Midwestern states of the United States. Its clients are treated with the utmost professional sensitivity and respect and are always kept well-informed as to the position of their claims and cases.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can the Sherman law firm help me with immigration matters?

A:The Sherman law firm provides a number of legal services in immigration related matters. The attorneys at Sherman law assist in obtaining labor certifications, I-9 Compliance and Audits, Obtaining work authority visas, expert advice of I-9's, ICE responses and worksite readiness. Apart from these specific areas, the attorneys at Sherman law firm have extensive experience and have helped a number of clients and businesses with their immigration concerns.

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