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Serving the area of Eastern North Carolina, Teague Law Firm is a prestigious firm with an impeccable reputation for defending people’s legal rights. The founder of the firm is Lee F. Teague who has based his firm on integrity, honesty, forward-thinking, and a 10 years experience of working as a prosecutor in the Pitt County. Hence, the clients can easily look towards the Teague Law Firm if they have any questions about their rights. From minor crimes to serious felonies, Lee Teague is always available for protecting the rights of his clients.
By working as an assistant district attorney in Pitt County, Lee Teague has extensive experience up his sleeves. He knows the ins and outs of the profession of prosecution, and he completely understands all the court procedures. He can accurately predict how the prosecution will conduct the case so he can think ahead and plan the defense appropriately. Hence, it is no surprise that he has been quite successful as a criminal defense attorney defending the rights of students charged with crimes like traffic violations, drugs, campus issues, etc. He works closely with concerned parents, helps them resolve the legal issues of their children and achieves the ideal solution. The Teague Law Firm looks at each case strategically, explains the plan to the clients and makes them understand the financial and emotional consequences of pursuing the matter legally.
The man behind the Teague Law Firm has integrity in all his dealings, both personal and professional. He is also significantly involved in the community teaching children’s classes, lecturing about vital issues like sexual abuse and domestic violence, etc. Families whose loved ones are involved in any form of crime can conveniently consult with the experienced attorney and ask for advice with utmost confidentiality.

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