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About the Firm

Shook Hardy and Bacon, also known as SHB, is a law firm originating from the Kansas City in Missouri. The firm was established in 1889 by Frank Payne Sabre. Shook Hardy and Bacon was ranked at the 83rd position in the largest law firms of the United States in 2008 by the National Law Journal. The firm has a total of 9 offices and about 1,500 employees consisting of 500 attorneys. It has a tradition of maintaining a staff of more than 300 individuals for its scientific research department throughout the year. These include researchers as well as analysts. This department assists the lawyers at Shook Hardy and Bacon in their cases regarding patent prosecution, selection of eyewitnesses, and assistance in complex litigations.
Shook Hardy and Bacon handle a bunch of areas of practice; however, it is known the most to have expertise over intellectual property, labor and employment, tort, business litigation, and product liability. With its meticulous reputation following it in the various parts of the country, Shook Hardy and Bacon has managed to ace some reputable clients which include Philip Morris Inc., Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Ford Motor Company, Sony, and Toshiba. The firm has a strong clientele with pharmaceutical companies as most of the business of the firm depends on these. Shook Hardy and Bacon was also named by Microsoft as one of their most trusted legal service providers.
Shook Hardy and Bacon also has a friendly attitude with the tobacco industry within the United States having represented about half a dozen of tobacco companies in the country at the moment. These include Lowes Inc., Philip Morris Inc., Brown and Williamson, American Brands, and RJR Nabisco. With the level of support and appreciation within the United States, Shook Hardy and Bacon also decided to explore other international markets. It entered into the service market of Geneva and London. The 2012 rankings of the Vault established Shook Hardy and Bacon at the second position within the United States in terms of offering products liability assistance and the 7th largest firm to provide diversified legal services within the country.

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Areas of Law

  • Agribusiness & Food Safety
  • Antitrust & Trade Regulation
  • Appellate Practice & Trial Consulting
  • Arbitration and ADR
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Records Management & Consultation
  • Class Actions & Complex Litigation
  • Climate Change & Sustainability
  • Commercial & UCC
  • Consumer Financial Services Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Crisis Management, Security & Corporate Resiliency
  • Design & Construction Law
  • eDiscovery, Data & Document Management
  • Emerging & Strategic Issues Management
  • Employment Litigation & Policy
  • Environmental Law
  • ERISA Litigation & Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning & Estates
  • Export Controls and Economic Sanctions
  • FCPA & Anti Corruption Compliance
  • Global Product Liability
  • Government Enforcement & Compliance
  • Health Law
  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Prosecution & Counseling
  • International Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • National Amicus Group
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device
  • Public Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Property Strategies
  • Securities Litigation
  • Tax
  • Tort
  • Toxic Tort

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do attorneys at Shook Hardy Bacon law firm deal with pro bono cases?

A:The Shook Hardy Bacon law firm has an extensive pro bono practice and provides legal services in a number of areas of law. The firm invests around 30,000 hours to pro bono cases annually and has helped a number of clients with their services. The attorneys at Shook Hardy Bacon law firm have assisted clients in immigration proceedings, helped staff free legal clinics and represented disabled individuals with their cases.

Q:Can you provide a brief overview of the Shook Hardy and Bacon law firm?

A:Shook Hardy and Bacon is an international law firm established in 1889 in Kansas City, Missouri. The firm has nine locations with seven of them in the United States and the other two in Geneva and London. Shook Hardy and Bacon employs round 1,500 professionals with more than 500 of them are attorneys. The firm specializes in a number of areas of laws ranging from consumer financial services to Securities litigation. The firm has an extensive pro bono program and actively participates in diversity programs as well.

Q:What diversity initiatives has Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP taken?

A:Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP has taken a number of diversity initiatives in order to include and promote a richer and more accomplished workforce. Some of the initiatives the firm is actively involved in are Law School Workshops, Educational Programming, Women's Management Council and Minority Job Fair Recruiting. In addition to this, the firm requires its attorneys to complete 5 to 10 items from its award winning diversity checklist.

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