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About the Firm

A leading law firm with wide experience and unsurpassed legal solutions, Shazam Kianpour and Associates has the reputation of providing clients with best-possible defense. The ones who are looking for a firm that can protect their rights can trust this office and end their worries. It has resolved more than 10,000 criminal and traffic cases so far; this wide experience gives it a leading edge over other law firms in the region. Its team knows that people need fearless, committed and engaged legal help. This is why it puts all its resources into action so that clients can be offered the best at all stages of the legal process.
The team of Shazam Kianpour and Associates includes some of the most well versed and experienced attorneys. Many of them have served as government employees. They also have great working relationships with the lawyers and staff members in prosecutors' offices and the courts, which in turn helps to deliver clients with the best possible outcome. The wide network and close coordination within the staff also enables the office to help clients get things their way just as they want.
Even though there are a number of law concerns that provide quality defense service Shazam Kianpour and Associates is one of its own kinds. This is for the reason that the firm has proven success record that spreads over years. Those who reach out to this law concern are sure to have turn things in their favor. People who need legal advice that they can rely on can reach out to this office with complete confidence. The wide experience, perfect expertise, broad network and technical excellence enables Shazam Kianpour and Associates to provide people with best and most reliable defense which is imperative to secure their future and ensure that they lead a prosperous personal and professional life. 


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Shazam Kianpour & Associates

190 East 9th Avenue,
Suite 420
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