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About the Firm

A reputed law office, Sarina Gianna is dedicated to fight for the rights of its clients and get things work in the best of their interest. It helps people in matters pertaining to family law, personal injury, municipal court and traffic offenses in addition to workers compensation claims. Since most people who encounter a legal program have no idea how to proceed, this law office particularly offers personal services to every client and guides those in need in just as they deserve. The team at Sarina Gianna makes sure that clients stay informed about the status of their case at every step so that they can relax and have an idea of where their matter is heading.
Getting in touch with Sarina Gianna enables people to get free initial consultation which is imperative in such issues. No matter what problem clients have, they can be certain to work things in their favor by putting their trust in this eminent law firm. They can be sure to get best mediation and trial as and when required from the proficient attorneys at Sarina Gianna. Victims of domestic violence as well as defendants accused of domestic violence can trust this office and get superior legal advice that will put an end to their worries. 
Sarina Gianna helps people get full compensation which is their right in case of being injured due to the careless or negligence of a person. Those who have been injured at work can also greatly benefit from this law office that focuses on removing the legal worries by making its clients as its priority. Personal attention and honest advice bundles together with profound experience and aggressive approach in every case, Sarina Gianna is a law firm which is widely trusted and recommended in this region for years because of its established success.


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Areas of Law

  • Adoption
  • Animal Bites Plaintiff
  • Business Organizations
  • Child Support
  • Collections
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Divorce
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Plaintiff
  • Personal Injury Plaintiff
  • Premises Liability Plaintiff
  • Traffic Violations
  • Workers' Compensation Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What areas of law does Sarina Gianna practice?

A:Sarina Gianna specializes in a number of areas of law. Some of her areas of specialty are Family Law, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Residential Real Estate and Traffic Violations. Sarina Gianna is a graduate of Seton Hall University School of Law and devotes all of her time to litigation. She is also member of American Bar Association and New Jersey State Bar Association. Apart from these areas of law, Sarina Ginanna also has extensive experience in domestic violence restraining orders.

Q:I was going through a list of Brick law firms in NJ and I came across the name of Serina Gianna LLP, can you give me some information about their practice areas?

A:Serina Gianna is a renowned attorney in NJ. She has set up a law office in Bricks, NJ, which provides a number of law services. Serina Gianna specializes in the area of family law and represents clients with certain family disputes. Other practice areas at this firm include domestic violence, restraining orders, municipal court representation, workers compensation, and personal injury.

Q:What areas of child support law does Sarina Gianni assist with?

A:Sarina Gianni has extensive experience in child support law. The attorney is well versed in the state of New Jersey guide lines for child support law. Sarina Gianni makes sure that appropriate formula is applied and all sources of legitimate and relevant incomes are considered. The attorney Sarina Gianni has also dealt extensively with property division matters as well.

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