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Ramsell and Associates is one of the largest law firms in Illinois. It has achieved nationwide recognition for its cutting edge legal solutions. The firm is specialized in handling cases of DUI, DI, Criminal defense, and traffic law. Ramsell and Associates was set up in 1986 to provide quality legal services in criminal defense. The firm has defended over 12,000 clients and is the only DUI firm that has represented clients in the US Supreme court. Many publications such as the ABS News, Fox TV Network, Washington Post, and Chicago tribune have praised the work of Ramsell and Associates. Ramsell and Associates not only provides legal services but also contributes its research and articles to numerous publications, mainly to help create awareness amongst citizens.
Leading attorneys at Ramsell and Associates include Hon. Perry R, Earl A Vergara, Donald J Ramsell, and Stephen J Klein. Their vast experience in this field has studded the firm’s success with major honors and professional awards. They have been rated as the super lawyers in Illinois. They provide free case assessments and legal guidance to help clients understand legal possibilities. Ramsell and Associates believes in helping people wrongly accused for DUI, traffic violations or criminal activities. Complicated traffic rules and diversity in out of state regulations have made it easy for many to fall victim of unintentional violation, this is where Ramsell and Associates comes in to help. Its main objective is to tackle state laws that may harm a person’s driving record. The firm believes in going all lengths in protecting the rights of its clients, their aggressive approach and tireless efforts have made them one of the best law firms in the state. Ramsell and Associates has gained expertise in every aspect of criminal law area, by using a theoretical +scientific approach, the firm ensures high success rates of cases. Breath test inaccuracy, in-squad videos, non-standardized field tests, and illegal stopping are a few key areas the firm handles. Ramsell and Associates Cost effectiveness has made legal services accessible for people in every sector of the economy. Clients trust this firm when it comes to protecting their rights against unjust violation.


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