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What sets Plunkett and Cooney PC apart from competitors is fearless approach and determination. This legal firm has created a reputation in the legal industry as an outstanding litigation company. Founded in 1913, Plunkett and Cooney PC has now grown into a full service firm catering to a diverse client base. It offers a wide range of services in the following legal areas: business law, criminal defense law, construction law, environmental law, healthcare law, real estate law, civil rights law, alternate dispute resolution, and many more areas, but is considered as a leading firm in areas of transaction and business law.
Plunkett and Cooney PC provide legal experts in all major law areas. The firm holds regular training sessions to keep its attorneys up to date with the changing legal industry. The culture of the firm reflects core objectives that have been around since the establishment of the firm, these include high quality standards, protecting client interest, thinking out of the box, and affordability. The firm aims at keeping its product costs low making it affordable for clients from all sectors. Through efficiency and effectiveness, the firm utilizes resources tactfully to create innovative solutions for legal issues. Employees at Plunkett and Cooney PC work together on cases to ensure a higher rate of success. Service, integrity, excellence and family are the four core pillars of the firm’s unique culture. The firm has accomplished numerous milestones throughout its history and has contributed to the legal environment of the nation.
Lawyers at this firm are required to dedicate several hours weekly to pro bono work, reflecting the importance of social responsibility. They seek towards making a positive difference in the society. Plunkett and Cooney PC is amongst the top pro bono service providers in the country. It has set an example of social responsibility and community development for many newly developed litigation companies. Its diversity in the area of pro bono work is obvious through the vast range of welfare projects it is a part of. A few include the ALS of Michigan Inc., American Cancer Society, Child Abuse Council, Cornerstone schools, National Kidney Foundation, and Special Olympics of Michigan.


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