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Phillips and Cohen law firm is a renowned law firm that caters to whistleblower cases in America. It is one of the only litigation companies in the nation that work exclusively for whistleblower claims. Its services are centered towards federal government claims and state government claims. Phillips and Cohen law firm has dedicated itself to this area as it strongly believes in seeking justice for victims of government abuse. It has resolved some of the biggest fraud cases in American history. The success rate of Phillips and Cohen law firm is unmatched in the legal industry. By specializing in this particular area, the firm has allocated every resource to help whistleblowers nationwide. Since the false claims act of 1986, Phillips and Cohen law firm has become the only recognized firm in this practice area. Over $750 million have been recovered by the firm in whistleblower cases.
Attorneys working at Phillips and Cohen law firm have acquired skill and qualification to serve to perfection in whistleblower claims. They have achieved recognition for innovation and creativity in legal solutions. The firm manages all types of whistleblower claims, mainly in internal revenue service’s dept., and securities exchange commission. Phillips law firm is in partnership with various local governments that provide information and help in resolving fraud disputes and federal financial disputes. Phillips and Cohen law firm has an aggressive approach towards fighting for client rights; it is willing to go out of the way to ensure clients seek justice and a fair compensation for damage. Protecting client rights is the key objective of the firm. Persistency, skill, perseverance, and dedication are the core driving factors of Phillips and Cohen’s success.
Pharmaceuticals to manufacturing businesses, the firm has tackled whistleblower cases in numerous leading industries. The firm stands out for its quality services in many ways. It has achieved a high success rate over the years and provides Qui Tam case attorneys in many areas. Phillips and Cohen law firm has helped many people suffering from injustice and fraud. Wall Street Journal has honored Phillips and Cohen law firm as the Premiere Whistle Blower in the Country.


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