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About the Firm

Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC is a prestigious legal firm in Arizona and New Mexico. It offers a wide range of legal services in the area of estate planning and is ranked among the leading law firms in the southwest region. Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC has acquired over 30 years of legal experience in this field. The firm aims at helping clients in diverse matters pertaining to real estate management in minimum costs and expenses. Its product services include case assessment, counseling, advice, and trial probate. Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC is a charter member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA), the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), and the Wealthcounsel. Clients in need of legal assistance can contact Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC at offices located in all major cities of Arizona including Tucson, Phoenix, and Mesa.
Lawyers working under Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC are recognized leaders in their field of law. The firm takes pride in all its employees who have dedicated their careers to the helping individuals and families. The few major areas it practices in include probate law, elder law, asset protection law, estate planning law, and tax law. Attorneys here understand how probate delay, unexpected deaths, disability, and other issues can take a toll on property wealth.  Wealth for a client can be a lifetime achievement and holds immense value. At Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC, the firm ensures client property rights are protected. The firm builds unique strategies for each client taking into account needs, goals, and interests. No other firm in the region can be compared to the expertise and skill found at Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC.
In the area of elder care planning, Morris, Hall & Kinghorn PLLC provides services for Medicaid planning, VA benefits, life care consultants, life care planning, and healthcare directives. The firm also works in the area of pro bono services and has set an example of social responsibility for other law firms to follow. Many of its employees have been listed as Super Lawyers and are widely appreciated for quality legal services.


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