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About the Firm

Founded in 1916, Mendes and Mount is one of the most experienced and skilled law firms in the country. It has the status of being one of the nation’s most outstanding insurance counseling and litigation law firms that has been serving clients for more than a century. The firm has clients ranging from individuals to international insurance providers. The ones who reach out to it always returned satisfied as their problems are looked after by this firm just as they expect.
Mendes and Mount is known for extending cost effective solutions. This is why people from all walks of life reach out to this office as they are sure that they will be able to have consultancy within their budget. The firm respects its traditions and takes pride in its rich history. Today it has emerged as a large law firm with more sophisticated approach than before. Its legal and technological capabilities make it an ideal one for matters pertaining to insurance.
Mendes and Mount believes in being accessible to clients so that they can reach out to it whenever they need in a hassle free way. In fact, communication is the hallmark of this law firm. For this reason, it keeps its clients informed about the progress of their case at every step and makes sure there is nothing that they remain oblivious of that concerns them.
The ever changing needs of clients across the world are perfectly realized by Mendes and Mount. The lawyers at this firm have the experience and the will to put an end to the legal worries of clients and offer them consultancy that allows them to achieve their individual objectives effectively. This is why the firm extends personal attention to everyone who reaches out to it and also offer tailored solutions keeping in view the need and requirements of individual clients. 


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Areas of Law

  • Asbestos & Health Hazard
  • Client Services
  • Errors and Omissions (Professional Malpractice)
  • Long Term Exposure
  • Political Risk
  • Professional Liability
  • Reinsurance
  • Y2K
  • Aviation & Space
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Insurance Coverage & Personal Injury Litigation
  • Marine
  • Pollution Coverage Disputes
  • Property Coverage Litigation
  • Utilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What kinds of property related issues does Mendes and Mount LLP handle?

A:Mendes and Mount LLP has achieved recognition for its excellent property litigation skills. It has handled numerous property cases for international clients such as Sothebey's, and Christies fine arts Inc. The firm has shown expertise in property cases related to financial institutions claims, extensive coverage litigation, arts insurance claims, mortgage impairment policies, and insurance policies. It has represented many world renowned clients in popular cases.

Q:Does Mount and Mendes law firm offer services for aviation related claims?

A:The firm offers a wide range of law services in the practice area of aviation. It has a skilled team of attorney's whose primary goal is to serve the legal needs of clients in the aviation industry. Mount and Mendes Law firm represent air manufactures of all types, and a numerous terminal operators. The firm has on hand innovative solutions for legal issues in this field. Attorney's in this field work tirelessly to keep up with growing aviation technology and industry trends too make sure clients get the best legal services.

Q:Can you name some attorneys working for Mendes Mount LLP in the area of counseling services?

A:Mendes Mount LLP has a team of skilled attorneys who provide quality legal counseling services in multiple corporate areas. Steven R. DeGoerge, Molly E. Dinneen, Michela A.Fleming, Kevin G. Flynn, William H. Jeberg, James A. Mguire, and Christopher Fredricks are the names of a few attorneys included in this team. They have acquired in depth understanding of various modern issues and offer superior guidance to clients.

Q:Mendes And Mount LLP offers legal services in which practice areas?

A:Mendes and Mount LLP offers legal services in the following practice areas: Aviation, comprehensive general liability, counseling services, errors and omissions, litigation, directors and officers, marine and energy, property and real estate, reinsurance, and professional liability. The firm has been providing legal services in the above stated areas for over 94 years.

Q:Mendes Law Firm is lead by which senior attorney?

A:Mendes Law Firm is currently under the leadership of Bill Mendes. He is a highly reputed attorney who has specialized in the area of mortgage and insurance. Bill has acquired his law education from Brooklyn Law School and St. Johns University, he is also a member of the New Jersey bar and New York bar. This attorney has showed expertise and success in numerous insurance and coverage cases. He has diversified his services to include areas of cargo policies and trucking liabilities, and personal injury claims.

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