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About the Firm

McGuireWoods is an experienced law firm that is dedicated to provide quality legal services through its 19 strategically located offices across the globe. The office extends personalized service and exceptional value so that the objectives of its clients can be realized in the best possible manner. Making use of the up to the minute technologies and strategies gives this office an edge over other legal concerns.
The firm has the honor of being selected in formal convergence programs with clients like International Paper and DuPont. This is why the firm prides itself on partnering with clients by means of understanding their business and utilizing their knowledge base and experience to extend result oriented and efficient service. The firm also serves as national or regional counsel for various prominent corporations including Siemens and Ford.
McGuireWoods has a diverse workforce in order to bring practical and innovative perspectives for the purpose of realizing the goals of its clients with varied needs.  Its team of 900 lawyers is always prepared to serve government, public, private, and nonprofit clients. The firm serves a number of industries including healthcare, automotive, transportation and technology with its innovative and creative solutions that never fail.
Because of the matchless services of McGuireWoods it has been recognized by various publications such as Chicago Tribune in the business section. It is also highlighted in American Lawyer Media in addition to the Baltimore Business Journal for its experience and commitment to alternative fee arrangements. The firm is also recognized for its effective use of technology which enables it to serve clients effectively and efficiently. In addition to using the conventions communication means like e-mails and instant messaging, the firm makes use of real-time online meetings and case management systems to provide superior legal solutions.
Just like many other esteemed law firms, McGuireWoods is committed to Pro Bono efforts as well. Every year the attorneys at this office actively participate in various pro bono activities including housing law cases, death penalty cases, battered spouse representations, and general counseling. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What areas of Political Law do attorneys at McguireWoods provide legal services in?

A:The attorneys at McGuire Woods provide a number of legal services in Political law. Some of the services included are Government Ethics, Political Investigations, Strategic Counseling, Crisis Management, Campaign Finance, Election Law, Lobbying Law Compliance and Business Counseling. Apart from offering legal services in this area of law, the attorneys also provide assistance in Intellectual Property, Immigration and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Q:What kinds of consumer product claims does McGuire woods LLP deal with?

A:McGuire Woods LLP offers legal advice, guidance, and litigation services to consumer product claims. It handles all sorts of cases regarding product liability and consumer claims. The firm has a specialized team of lawyers who assist consumers on matters that relate to the CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act. Apparel, Bicycles, Medical services, grills, light fixtures, nursery products, home improvement products, electronics, candles, garden equipment, and trimmers are just a few of the consumer products its represents.

Q:Name a few lawyers that work at McGuire Woods London LLP office?

A:McGuire Woods office has many reputed lawyers working at its London branch. These lawyers have gained experience and knowledge in their specialty areas and are appreciated by numerous publications in the United Kingdom. Jonathen C. Maude, Daniel L. Peyton, Alexander K. Pascall, Hardeep S. Nahal, Carol A. Martin, Josephin Lonnborg, Gabriella V. Olsen, Robert J. Washington, Helena S. Whitmore, and Anna Vainonen are a few of the professionals you can find at the London branch of woods law firm.

Q:Can you tell me a bit about the area of international transactions at McGuire Woods LLP?

A:McGuire Woods LLP offers legal services to many international clients. It has successfully collaborated with foreign based lawyers to provide high quality legal services in the following groups: Banking, Capital and finance, Government relations, International arbitration, International Trade regulation and Compliance, and Joint ventures. The firm offers assessments services, tax analysis, negotiating agreements, drafting of documents, and intellectual property protection in these areas.

Q:The McGuire Woods London law office specializes in which area?

A:McGuire Woods Law firm has set up offices in many cities worldwide, including London. Its London office has a team of skilled attorneys who are experienced in the following practice areas: corporate and commercial law, securities and financial services, dispute resolution, employment law, property, private wealth services, restructuring and insolvency, competition, divorce law. The firm has achieved recognition for its services in London and is appraised in UK's law industry.

Q:Maguire Woods law firm practices in which major areas?

A:Maguire Woods law firm practices in numerous practice areas. A few have been mentioned here: business tax, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and finance, intellectual property, technology and outsourcing, construction, automobile and manufacturing, accountants defense, healthcare, insurance coverage, sports law, criminal law, energy litigation, class action, immigration, mining, consumer law, employee benefits, white collar defense, environmental law, political law, land use, transportation, and fraud.

Q:Does McGuire Woods LLP offer pro bono services?

A:Yes, McGuire Woods LLP offers a range of pro bono services to clients. They actively participate in community development projects and pay keen interest in fulfilling their social responsibility. Death penalty cases, child custody cases, enforcement prosecution cases, housing law cases, criminal defense cases, and power of attorney cases are a few categories in which it provides pro bono legal services.

Q:Mcguire woods Law Firm has offices situated in which areas?

A:McGuire woods Law Firm has opened up offices in the following major cities: Charlotte, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington D.C; London, U.K; Jacksonville, Florida; Houston, Texas; Chicago Illinois; Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Los Angeles, California; Norfolk, Virginia; and Atlanta, Georgia. The firm offers timely response and quality services to all clients in these areas through its strong network of lawyers and attorneys

Q:Does The Woods Law Firm offer class action legal services?

A:Yes, Woods Law firm offers class action services. It is one of the most competent class action firms in the industry. Lawyers working in this area at Woods law firm have been rated as the best by Chambers USA and Best Lawyers in America. The firm represents employee groups and labor unions of major industrial sectors. It has won numerous class action suits in USA as well as in Europe. The Woods Law Firm handles all kinds of class action suits including securities class action, tort class action, and employee benefits class action suits.

Q:Name some of the lawyers that represent class action suits at McGuire Woods Law Firm?

A:Woods Law Firm gathered some of the best class action lawyers to work in this field. These lawyers have proved to be the best with their high success rates and international recognition. A few of the have been mentioned here: Charles H. Abbot, Tammy L. Adkins, Sabrina A. Beldner, J. William Boland, Jeffery D. Burns, Joshua D. Davery, Tennille J. Checkovich ,Bryan A. Fratkin, Michelle Gambino, Jacob P. Hildner, and many more.

Q:McGuire Law Office provides what legal services in which consumer litigation areas?

A:McGuire Law Office has attorneys who work only in the area of consumer claims and liability claims. They offer legal advice and case assessments for cases that relate to consumer products damage claims, food protection, product safety issues, power tools and equipment injury, automotive products liability, consumer class action litigation, fires and explosions, document retention and recall, false labeling claims, and more.

Q:Woods Law Office was set up in which year?

A:Woods Law Office has over 100 years of experience in the field. It was initially set up as Perkins Battle and Minor law firm but was changed to Woods Law Office McGuire Woods LLP in 1966. The firm began with two offices, in Charlottesville and Richmond, but opened up a number of offices all over the nation. It has successfully catered to legal needs of businesses and individuals and is one of the best nations worldwide.

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