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About the Firm

Mark Citrin is a prominent law office in Florida that offers immigration assistance. The firm is known for providing quality and professional services in the region. Individuals, families and businesses can reach out to it and get guidance that they deserve. The firm has been offering immigration and naturalization service for more than 2 decades. No matter if people want to obtain a visa or a green car, obtain asylum or other related service, this law office can come to their aid in the best possible manner.

Mark Citrin believes in treating its clients as its family members. The firm owns the concern of everyone who contacts them. Because of the friendly approach of this office, its clients love to refer it to their family and friends as well. It is the quality service, wide experience and welcoming approach that help this law firm to stand apart from the other offices in the region. 

The attorneys at Mark Citrin have deep knowledge of all the aspects of immigration laws. This is why they have earned the respect of courts and legal community. Also, the lawyers have received a number of professional and service awards and accolades for their matchless skill and expertise in this field of law.

Mark Citrin believes in staying accessible to its clients all the time. This is why the ones who are in need can contact this law firm anytime they want.  The firm also keeps its clients well informed about the status of their case and works closely with them so that their objective can be realized just as they desire.

Mark Citrin presents clients before U.S. Immigration Courts (EOIR), The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), U.S. Consulates and Embassies Worldwide (Dept. of State) and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in addition to other departments, allowing people from all walks of life have a solution that they are in need of. 

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Areas of Law

  • Immigration & Naturalization Law
  • Natural Resources Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What areas of law do Mark Citrin P.A specialize in?

A:Mark Citrin P.A. primarily specializes in immigration and naturalization issues. Led by Mark Citrin, the firm deals in Asylum Claims, Employment Immigration, Family Based Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Aliens in Immigration Custody and Visas and Green Cards. Well versed in immigration laws, Mark Citrin has represented his clients before U.S. Immigration Courts, The Board of Immigration Appeals, The Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Labor.

Q:Can you give some information about the founder of Citrin Law Firm?

A:Citrin Law Firm Is headed by Andy Citrin. He is a specialized in law areas of product liability, medical malpractice, and vehicle collision. Andy Citrin has been practicing law for 25 years and has set up a number of pro bon projects to help people suffering from accident injuries and loss. He has been certified as a civil trial advocate and is also included in the publication of Alabama's super lawyers. Andy Citrin has dedicated his career to helping victims of loss caused by accidents and products, his skill and expertise has been appreciated nationwide.

Q:How can the Mark Miami law office help me?

A:The Mark Miami law office specializes in Immigration and Naturalization cases. The attorneys at Mark Citrin law firm can help clients in obtaining a visa, obtaining a green card and obtaining asylum. The firm also helps clients in deportation defense and assists clients in immigration custody. The firm has been practicing immigration and naturalization law for more than 20 years and has helped numerous clients with their residency statuses.

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Mark Citrin

11900 Biscayne Boulevard
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