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About the Firm

Founded in 1986, Macdowell & Associates is one of the leading law service providers in Newport Beach, California. The law firm was opened up by Richard Macdowell who was a trial attorney at that time. The dynamic and aggressive law firm works towards offering their clients the best of consultation services regarding their cases. Macdowell & Associates stands out the most for providing clients with personal services. The firm is also known for incorporating updated legal technology into their system quite frequently to ensure that their clients get the best of results in the least possible time. The experienced lawyers and attorneys at Macdowell & Associates help clients in various types of cases such as criminal, traffic, DUI, felony, and misdemeanour.
Macdowell & Associates aims to achieve the goal of a better society for Americans where crime is a rare thing. The firm aims at ensuring that the accused learn their lesson and avoid repeating the mistakes. They also offer them a number of personal improvement options to turn the entire society into a better place for everyone to live. It also focuses on promoting positive aspects which can give some message to others to ensure the society is not inferring negative things from their cases. Macdowell & Associates provides real courtroom experience to all clients and handles their cases with utmost importance. Each client is given equal importance and individuals with high level of experience and expertise in their respective areas are assigned to the cases. The firm also handles cases regarding hit and run, drug defense, probation violation, check crimes, domestic violence, credit card frauds, and other juvenile crimes.
Macdowell & Associates is known to offer their client utmost respect regardless of their stand in the case and guides their clients through the appropriate method of approaching the case after hearing the client thoroughly.
A leading law firm in Virginia, MacDowell and Associates has decades of experience in personal injury and related areas of law. The attorneys in this law office have been protecting the rights of people for years and getting things in their way in a perfect manner. The firm is well familiar with the insurance companies and their lawyers and because of its reputation as skilled litigators, is recognized by them as well. MacDowell and Associates practices in all ranks of Virginia courts. Be it Circuit Court, small claims court, Virginia Court of Appeals or Virginia Supreme Court, this law firm understands the procedures and how to thrive in all. For this reason, people who reach out to it are never disappointed.
MacDowell and Associates aim to protect the value of an individual’s personal injury or any wrongful death claim by means of early investigation and focused negotiation. Also, this law office extends effective presentation of evidence at trial. Meticulous and systematic attention to the damages aspects of people’s claim is one of the major reasons of the success of MacDowell and Associates in car accident litigation and truck accident claims.
MacDowell and Associates also strives to assist people in dealing with the consequences of serious accidents. Clients who encounter serious injuries such as neck, back injuries, fractures or soft tissue injuries may contact this law office and get emotional and financial benefits. Those who lose their dear ones in a wrongful death accident can also get full compensation by reaching out to MacDowell and Associates.
This law firms takes every case considering as if it's headed to court. This approach allows MacDowell and Associates to be well organized and prepare every case in the best possible manner. The attorneys in this office make sure that all those clients who come to them, get things in their favor.

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