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About the Firm

Lewis Rice and Fingersh has been serving the community of St. Louis, Missouri, since its establishment in 1909. The firm is highly appreciated for its outstanding legal services and pro bono work. Lewis Rice and Fingersh has expanded its practice areas and now caters to all sort of legal issues relating to corporate law, intellectual property law, communications, education law, taxation law, environmental law, employee benefits law, and franchise law. Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm also has offices located in Kansas, Jefferson City, Washington, Belleville, and Overland Park. It provides clients with innovative solutions to legal issues, clients have rated Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm as one of the best in the Midwest Region of the country.
Individuals, large organizations, executives, retailers, publishers, brokers, and major financial companies come to Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm for legal help. The firm has maintained its client base with honesty, trust, and quality services. Attorney’s and lawyers working for Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm receive in depth training about the corporate culture and value standards that are to be followed, its strict adherence to discipline and quality has created a productive corporate culture. Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm hires lawyers based on talent and skill rather than fame, it believes in hiring a diverse and energetic team of attorneys that can create innovative legal solutions that cater to modern legal issues. Instead of just adopting off the shelf legal solutions, Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm encourages innovation and creativity.
Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm has always been a strong supporter of diversity, anti discrimination acts, and women rights. It has helped many law students acquire higher education in the field. Public work and community development are a tradition at this firm. Attorney’s and lawyers, new or old are required to dedicate a certain number of hours to pro bono work. It is currently in partnership with Women’s Lawyers Association in St. Louis, focusing on women’s roles as leaders in the law profession. Lewis Rice and Fingersh law firm has never fallen short on fulfilling its social responsibility.


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  • Antitrust
  • Construction Law
  • Education Law
  • Finance
  • Franchise Law
  • Labor & Employment
  • Taxation
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Media Communications
  • Municipal Law
  • Zoning & Finance
  • Natural Resources and Alternative Energy
  • Pension & Employee Benefits
  • Real Estate
  • Environmental
  • Chemical & Toxic Tort
  • Estate Planning and Probate
  • Government Affairs & Administrative Law
  • Health CareImmigration
  • Intellectual Property

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