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About the Firm

Leonard Street Deinard law firm is major multi service firm located in the state of Minnesota.  The firm was established in1922 as a single office legal firm and has transformed into a renowned 200 attorney litigation company over the years. Leonard Street Deinard has achieved recognition for its services in the field of energy, class action suits, and healthcare. On the other hand, it practices in many other law areas such as banking, real estate, securities, technology, and more. The firm has developed strong client relationships and is currently representing many global companies. A number of Fortune 500 companies are loyal clients of Leonard Street Deinard law firm.
Leonard Street Deinard law firm specializes in all sorts of legal services. The team of attorney’s working here follow corporate values that were established by the founders of the Leonard Street Deinard. Exemplary services, excellent quality, diversity in services, and individual contribution are leading productivity factors at Leonard Street Deinard. The firm has promises quality and personal attention to each case it receives, with controlled costs and legal fees.  Specialized attorneys are set up as teams on each case to ensure success. To maintain an edge in the industry, Leonard Street Deinard law firm has created a Client Advisory Council consisting of executives, this council observes productivity, advises attorney’s and lawyers in diverse situations, and plans strategies for service enhancement. Leonard Street Deinard law firm has won many awards for its excellent services. It recently won the 2012 Diversity Award of Hennepin County Bar Association.
The firm has always played a key role in developing the community. It has helped set up old homes, schools, and shelters for underprivileged groups in the society. Leonard Street Deinard law firm has never backed out in times of crisis and has always offered free services to those struggling for justice. Employees at Leonard Street Deinard regularly participate in welfare programs such as the Non profit Hearts and Hammers program. The firm has helped raise large funds for scholarships, for housing projects, and for numerous charitable organizations. Many individuals and families are thankful to Leonard Street Deinard for its tremendous support and help.


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Leonard Street Deinard

150 South Fifth Street
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