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About the Firm

The law office of Turco & Draskovich is a criminal defense law firm based in Las Vegas. They believe in putting up a defense for every individual convicted of crime. According to their philosophy, every criminal deserves a fair trial to make sure no innocent human is accused and / or punished for a crime they did not commit. They should be given a chance of voice their opinion, reason, and motive behind their actions. The law office of Turco & Draskovich is an aggressive firm defending the rights of the criminals and taking a stand for them irrespective of the nature and the extent of the crime.
The law office of Turco & Draskovich has specialized in taking up several different branches of criminal defense. These include federal crimes, drug crimes, DUI, domestic violence, white collar crime, sex crime, and trial practice. The firm has a special edge in handling cases that go till the trial level. It offers the best representation in the region and ensures that the interests of the client are well heard in the courtroom. One of the founding members of the law firm, Rober M. Draskovich, has the history of handling more than 250 criminal cases before the court.
The firm believes in making sure that their client receives the least possible punishment even if they are at fault. Furthermore, in cases where there is no serious criminal activity involved such as violation of traffic rules and regulations, the lawyers and attorneys at the firm make sure that the matter is discussed and solved between the conflicting parties. However, in cases where a mutual settlement is not derived in the out-of-court discussions, they take the case before the court and win it for their clients. Customer satisfaction is one of the key features of the firm as they believe in protecting the rights of their clients and ensuring that they get a fair trial before being convicted of the crime. 


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the Law Office of Turco & Draskovich

The Draskovich Building
815 South Casino Center Boulevard
Las Vegas,NV,89101
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