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About the Firm

The law firm of Joseph George specializes in two types of cases: sexual abuse and mental health malpractice. The firm believes strongly in protecting the rights of its clients and each and every client is dealt with honesty and straightforwardness. The Joseph George firm was established in 1986 by Joseph C. George who had a doctoral degree in psychology. Prior to forming his law firm, he had worked as a clinical psychologist in the United States Air Force for twelve years. Hence, he gained extensive experience dealing with emotional traumas, post-traumatic stress disorders, sexual abuse, etc. He founded his firm on the strong principles of integrity and protection of the innocent.
The Joseph George firm ardently works to prevent abuse and mental health practice. It is not afraid of taking up cases that have a socially negative implication such as cases related to clergy abuse. Although the firm is small, but it is powered by two dynamic attorneys with a vast knowledge in psychology and law who work tirelessly to promote the rights of abused children and patients emotionally traumatized by mental health malpractices in the state of California. With their unique knowledge, they help their clients in moving forward and empowering themselves by punishing the guilty.
The largest and most popular case of the Joseph George firm was the one involving sexual abuse happening in the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. Despite taking on huge amounts of personal debt, the firm’s founder worked relentlessly for three years to achieve justice for the victims abused by the priests. A $35 million settlement was finally obtained for the thirty-three plaintiffs who had undergone severe psychological trauma at the hands of the priests. The firm continues this trend of offering emotional and legal services to vulnerable people, both adults and children, and help is always available 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What areas of law does Joseph George law firm specialize in?

A:The Joseph George law firm specializes in sexual abuse and mental health malpractice. The firm is headed by Josepg.C.George who was initially trained as a psychologist but now acts as Managing Partner and lead counsel. Although established in the state of California, the firm has successfully represented clients in other states as well. The Joseph.C.George also practices law in Professional Malpractice Claims, Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Family Member Sexual Abuse (incest) and Sexual Abuses in Churches, Dioceses and Schools.

Q:Joseph Law Firm offers legal services in which practice areas?

A:Joseph Law Firm is a renowned litigation firm in the state of Colorado. The firm has a group of skilled attorneys and lawyers that offer services in a number of specialized areas. Legal counseling and litigation services are offered in the following areas: family immigration, naturalization, deportation defense, asylum and persecution, federal litigation, immigrant visas, non immigrant visas, employer compliance, and business immigrations. The firm is constantly developing in these areas and expanding its services to cater to the legal needs of more families and businesses in the country.

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