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The prestigious Jensen Legal firm was established in 1994 by attorney Kris Jensen in Seattle. He based his firm on the principle of defending the legal rights of people charged with minor to serious crimes. He believes that being charged and convicted with even the smallest of misdemeanors have serious professional, emotional, and financial consequences, and such charges should be aggressively fought to achieve what is best for his clients. The Jensen Legal firm also specializes in protecting the original works, both tangible and intangible, of individuals and organizations.
Jensen Legal has been providing impeccable legal services to its clients for almost twenty years. Kris Jensen has used his time of working as judge pro tempore in various Seattle courts to understand the ins and outs of the criminal defense system. He knows all the tricks of the trade such as aggressive defense, mediation, dispute resolution, etc. Hence, he can predict all the actions of the prosecution and intelligently plan the defense to get an ideal deal for his clients.
The Jensen Legal firm does not take things at face value and has expertise in doing meticulous research to understand all aspects of a case, no matter how difficult or socially unacceptable it may be. The result is a quality defense powered by a fearless and untiring attitude to get the most successful results possible in the scenario. Cases like State v. JP where a 15-year-old charged her parents with assault because they did not like her new boyfriend were won due to the relentless work of Kris Jensen and are an example of his exemplary service protecting the interests of his clients. Clients charged with any type of crimes should promptly contact him to involve the eminent firm in their cases as delay causes further legal hassles.

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