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About the Firm

The Jaffe Law Firm is an employment trial office in San Francisco dedicated to protect the rights of people just as they deserve. The office understands that the income of people is the foundation for their quality of life. Under California and United States law, no one may refuse to hire a person or deprive one of growth opportunities due to a discriminatory bias. With over 4 decades of experience this office represents focuses on protecting the rights of employees. The ones who have been refused a job or promotion, those who are wrongfully discharged can contact this law office and have things work in the best of their interest.
Offering personal attention and dedication, The Jaffe Law Firm makes sure that everyone who gets in touch with it returns successful. Every case is handled personally by this law firm and only after thorough investigation the clients are presented with a solution. The office can help people know their rights in addition to protecting them.
As workplace issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination on the bases of religion, age or race are all common, it is imperative to know law firms that can protect the rights of employees and help them continue their work in a positive manner. An office such as The Jaffe Law Firm understands the intricacies and delicates of workplace issues and is always there to guide people in times that call for legal consultation or presentation to protect their rights.
The extensive experience of this law firm puts it in a perfect position to guide employees and provide them with winning solutions. This is why people in this region widely trust The Jaffe Law Firm with their legal issues. Contacting this office implies getting guidance that helps people lead a prosperous personal and professional life just as they deserve.

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Areas of Law

  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Discrimination
  • Employment Law Employee
  • Labor Law
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Whistleblower Qui Tam

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you please tell me what types of services are offered by the Jaffe Law Firm in cases of Personal Injury?

A:The cases of personal injury at the Jaffe Law Firm are handled by Attorney Mark S. Jaffe. These include areas such as auto accidents, premises liability claims, medical malpractice claims and product liability claims. The major concentration of personal injury cases are in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Initial consultations are also provided over the telephone.

Q:Where is Jaffe Law Firm located?

A:Jaffe Law Firm is located in a number of cities across the nation. It has set up many branches to help people in different areas. Jaffe Law Firm can be found in Southfield, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Naples, Florida; Wynnewood, Philadelphia, and an international branch in Jerusalem. The firm provides excellent legal services and timely responses to clients at all its offices.

Q:Can you give some information about pro bono work at Jaffe Law firm?

A:Jaffe Law firm has been an active member of charity organizations since its establishment in 1968. The firm has a large number of attorneys serving as legal advisers and advocates at popular non profit organizations. Apart from this, attorneys at Jaffe Law firm commit many hours to pro bono work. They strongly believe in developing the community and helping members of the society.

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The Jaffe Law Firm

101 California Street
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