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About the Firm

Hughes and Luce LLP is a leading law firm in the United States. It has built a reputation in the industry with its world class legal solutions and innovative ideas. The firm has numerous clients ranging from multinational corporations to newly emerged businesses. Hughes and Luce LLP provides all sorts of legal services in the following areas:  corporate and transactional law, intellectual property, energy, infrastructure, and resources, financial services, litigation, dispute and resolution, real estate, policy and regulatory law, and banking law. The firm has branches located all over the country in major cities such as Washington, Dallas, Boston, Anchorage, and Chicago. On the other hand the firm has expanded its branches overseas and can be found in Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow, Milan, and many more cities.
Hughes and Luce LLP has over a thousand employees who work towards innovating latest legal solutions for counteracting with the diverse legal issues of today. Their hard work, skill, and dedication is obvious from the high success rate they have achieved over the years. Hughes and Luce LLP believe in regularly training its team of attorneys through workshops and seminars. Enhancing quality of services is an important objective of the firm. Attorneys at Hughes and Luce LLP make sure that each case is handled by relevant expert professionals and receives individual attention. The firm has successfully transformed itself into a brand. Hughes and Luce LLP has won numerous awards and nominations for its outstanding legal services across the continent.
When it comes to pr bono work, Hughes and Luce LLP is rated amongst the best. They have a diverse range of pro bono activities that benefit hundreds of people each year. The firm has set up community development projects and awareness programs that raise issues such as gender discrimination, poverty, AIDS, etc. Hughes and Luce LLP has a large team of attorneys who provide free legal services to low income groups in matters of divorce, custody, product liability, wrongful death, injury, and more. Besides maintaining a high rate of success in the law industry, the firm has also kept intact the responsibility it has towards the society.


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  • Corporate and Transactional
  • Energy, Infrastructure and Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Policy and Regulatory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Cross Practice Services

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