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Hogan and Hartson LLP is one of Washington D.C’s largest multi service litigation firms. It has built a reputation in the law sector with its excellent legal services and legal counseling. The firm not only operates in the US, but has branches spread across every continent. From Europe to china, and from Africa to Asia, Hogan & Hartson LLP has over 800 attorneys serving in all law areas. The firm has a total of 18 branches and annual revenue of over $320 million. Hogan & Hartson LLP offers legal services in tax, banking, intellectual property, antitrust, mergers and dozens of other areas.
The firm was founded by a prominent private attorney J. Hogan in the year of 1977. He put together his expertise and hired some of the nation’s best lawyers to work under the title of Hogan and Hartson LLP. Their hard work and superior law skills have taken the firm to heights of success. Hogan & Hartson LLP has never compromised on quality and considers its clients interest as its first priority. The firm has provided innovative legal solutions to many global businesses and renowned personalities. Their expertise and success in tackling complex cases has kept them ahead of rival firms. Hogan and Hartson LLP believes in training and educating its employees, learning and innovating is an ongoing process at the firm. Clients are assured that their claims will be resolved to their satisfaction and interest. For Hogan & Hartson LLP, it’s all about protecting their client’s interest.
Pro bono work at Hogan and Hartson LLP has always been considered as a social responsibility. The firm has provided help to many through low cost or free legal services. It believes in reaching out to citizens in the society who need legal advice and help. Apart from legal services, the firm donates generously to various student scholarship funds and programs. Hogan & Hartson LLP’s pro bono is recognized throughout the industry, their work has been appreciated and published in the 1976 Verdicts on Lawyers.  Hogan & Hartson LLP have set an example for many emerging firms in the field of pro bono work.

Hogan and Hartson LLP is one of the largest and the oldest law firms of Washington DC. Though founded initially in 1904 by Frank Hogan, Hatson joined the firm in 1938. Starting from a single office in Washington, Hogan and Hartson LLP has diversified into a number of national and international geographical regions today. It has about 40 offices within the United States and some in Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe with more than 2,300 lawyers working for various areas of practices.
Hogan and Hartson LLP offers outstanding high quality services in various parts of the world. They have expertise in handling cases for government organizations and agencies, intellectual property, finance, arbitration, and corporate. With offices in various parts of the world, Hogan and Hartson LLP lays emphasis on diversity and cultural aspects. It encourages its staff members to have a diverse cultural background to make sure they understand the norms and believes of the different geographical areas they are working in. Lawyers at Hogan and Hartson LLP are given credit for coming up with new innovative methods of solving cases and making sure that their client gets the best of the representation. Various offices of the firm work together on different cases, where required, to make sure that they put the best of their resources to get the desired results. Hogan and Hartson LLP has received a number of awards and recognition for investment in diversity. These include the Underwriter Diversity Database award for 2012 by Vault, the Stonewall award for Top 100 Employers (2011), the Top 50 Employers for Women by The Times (2012), and it was included in the Best Places to Work list by Numan Rights (2012).
The firm has also significantly invested in pro bono activities ensuring that they contribute to the society in a positive manner. They offer legal services to those institutions which are working for charity and/or are non-profit social enterprises that do not have the finances to have decent legal representation. Hogan and Hartson LLP has taken up the responsibility and works towards helping the underpriviledged. 


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