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About the Firm

Grunwald & Seman is an experienced criminal defense law firm based in New York. Milton Grunwald and Karl C. Seman are the founding members of the firm. It believes in taking criminal and DUI arrest cases seriously and considers it an urgent matter which needs serious attention. In order to cater to these pressing short-of-time issues, lawyers and attorneys at Gunwald & Seman are available round the clock. The firm has a list of highly trained professionals who have spent years and years handling such cases and have the required legal procedures on their fingertips.

Alongside providing support to the client, the firm also believes in comforting and listening to the stance of the family members of the accused and ensures that all their concerns are dealt with before determining a strategy to pursue the case any further. Clients are always the first priority of the firm. The firm carries out a thorough background check, have discussions with the client and their family members, and begin to collect evidence for the assistance of the case without wasting any time.

Gunwald & Seman has a long list of areas of practice being offered. These include assault, embezzlement, fraud, child abuse, DUI, sex abuse, prostitution, murder, drug dealing, family law, traffic crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence, criminal defense, and criminal law. These are several other branches of specialization in each of the above mentioned broad categories of crime.

Lawyers at Gunwald & Seman are known for proposing a set of solutions to the problems brought in by their client, whereby it is the decision of the client which course of action they want to take. Once the steps of approaching the case are decided, lawyers take the matter to the court. However, their first priority is to make sure that the issue is resolved between both the parties outside the court but if that does not seem doable, they are fully prepared to take the court to trial. Clients are fully guided through the procedure and given instructions on how to pursue the case so that they are able to get their desired results in the shortest possible time. 


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