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Gray Cary LLP is a leading technological law firm in the United States. Its recent merger with Piper Rudnick LLP has transformed it into one of the largest legal service firms, offering a diverse range of services. Its new venture has been named as “Piper Rudnick Gray Cary LLP”. Gray Cary LLP’s expertise lies in the areas of intellectual property law, corporate and securities law, business law, and patent law, whereas Piper Rudnick LLP is specialized in real estate law, and commercial law. Their merger has led to the establishment of a large law firm, with a wider base of litigation services and a larger pool of expertise. Gray Cary LLP and Piper Rudnick’s merger has increased competition in the industry.
Gray Cary LLP has become one of the largest legal firms in the country. The firms name is now included in the Fortune 100 Corporations. Their key objective is to provide dedicated attorneys and strategic legal solutions for all kinds of legal disputes. Gray Cary LLP’s affordable case management options have attracted many clients from the corporate world. Client cases are dealt with care and priority by specialized lawyers. Both companies have merged their client relationships and are constantly work on keeping their clients satisfied with their superior legal services. Attorneys from all legal areas have been strategically placed in branches all over the nation, to provide effective and timely responses to client’s legal concerns coming in from all states.
Gray Cary LLP and piper Rudnick have sustained a corporate culture of values. They have a skilled team of lawyers who specifically work in the area of pro bono activities. The firm has created a rewarding environment that encourages attorneys to fulfill their social responsibilities as well as business responsibilities. For those cannot afford legal services are never turned by Gray Cary LLP, their claims are always heard and resolved free of cost by Gray Cary LLP. The firm believes in helping people from all social classes regardless of their ability to pay. Other important aspects of the pro bono work at Gray Cary LLP include a number of community development projects, fund raising events, large donations, and social work.

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