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Gloria Allred is a prominent woman attorney in the United States. Her career as a constitutional lawyer is one of the most high profile careers of the nation. We all have heard of Gloria Allred, constitutional lawyer in newspapers, television, talk shows, and major publications. She practices law in key areas such as sexual harassment, controversy claims, banking and finance, family law, and real estate. This famous attorney has helped uncountable citizens fight and win their rights in numerous cases. Gloria Allred has provided her legal expertise and skill in many landmark cases; she is undoubtedly one of the greatest legal personalities of today.
Gloria Allred has dedicated her life towards helping the innocent and suppressed. Her aggressive pursuit of justice has set her apart from rival attorneys. For Gloria Allred, no obstacle is tough enough to prevent her from achieving success. From federal government to the president, and from multinationals to religious celebrities, she has tackled them all successfully. She has resolved many legal disputes which caught worldwide attention and made headlines. Amber Frey, Tommy Lee, and Kelly Fisher Lawsuit are just a few of the celebrity cases she has resolved. Apart from just litigation services, Gloria Allred has a number of published books and articles which shed light on her vibrant personality and legal skills.
Gloria Allred’s success is based on her hard work and sincerity towards this profession. Relating to her clients problems and making them her number one priority is why she has gained a leading position in the industry. Adaptability, boldness, and creative tactics are major elements of her success strategies in all cases. One of her key specialty areas includes women’s rights and domestic abuse, Gloria Allred has invested in many projects that fight for the betterment of women on a global scale. She has also taken part in many anti-discriminatory movements, and social welfare schemes. Gloria Allred has proved to be a ray of light for thousands of women in the country. Her name can be seen in the 2011 Edition of the Best Lawyers in America.


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Gloria Allred

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