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About the Firm

Fredrikson and Byron PA is one of the oldest and best established law firms in the country, representing clients in a wide range of practice areas ranging from Banking and Financial Services to Employment and Labor to Litigation and Real Estate. Describing itself as “the place where law and business meet”, Fredrikson and Byron PA represents clients and businesses in virtually every industry. With more than 250 highly trained attorneys and legal aides, the firm is one of the largest of its type in the country. The extensive experience and broad-ranging expertise the legal team at Fredrikson and Byron possesses makes it the go-to place for all types of legal matters in Minnesota.

Fredrikson and Byron PA was founded in 1948 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From its humble beginnings, the firm now has more than 200 attorneys and maintains 3 offices. The firm still holds the founding principle of applying business thinking to law close to its heart, and offers innovative solutions to clients. The attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron go far more than just representing their clients – they act as business advisors and strategic partners in order to devise the best course of action in a particular situation. Additionally, their pro-active approach to helping address a client’s case, makes the legal team at Fredrikson and Byron stand out among others.

The attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron PA are highly qualified and experienced, with many years of experience in their particular practice areas. By combining their experience and knowledge of the law with the firm’s commitment to its clients, and its strong reputation, these attorneys are able to come up with solutions that suit their clients’ needs in the best possible manner. The firm has a long history of pro bono work, and prides itself in having helped individuals, families and a large number of nonprofit organizations with their legal needs. The staff at Fredrikson and Byron PA contributed more than 13,000 hours to pro bono activities. All in all, the attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron are ideally suited to represent clients in virtually every area of law.


Firm Locations

Areas of Law

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Employment & Labor
  • Energy
  • Government Relations
  • Health Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where can I contact Fredrikson and Byron PA?

A:The firm has offices situated in a mummer of major cities. If you are looking for legal help and wish to get in touch with Fredrikson and Byron Pa then you can contact them at the following locations: Iowa, Bismarck, Fargo, Mexico, Shanghai, and Minneapolis. The firm has successfully built a repute in the these cities and is recommended by many clients.

Q:Can you give me some information about the Bismarck office of Fredrikson and Byron PA?

A:Fredrikson and Byron PA has offices located many cities, one being in Bismarck. The Bismarck office basically focuses on the energy industry and has numerous attorneys who have specialized in this particular sector. Fredrikson and Byron PA has developed a number of legal solutions for modern day energy disputes. It represents major energy companies in the state and maintains a high standard of quality.

Q:Fredrickson And Byron law firm provide legal solutions to which industries?

A:Fredrickson and Byron law firm has specialized in the following areas of practice: banking and finance, corporate and tax law, employment and labor law, energy law, government relations law, health law, real estate law, personal legal services law, international law, intellectual property law, and litigation. The firm has teams of attorneys working in each sector, making sure clients get the best quality services.

Q:Fredrickson Byron law firm practices pro bono work, is this true?

A:Fredrickson Byron law firm has contributed an amazing 13,000 hours of work towards pro bono activities. The firm actively takes part in numerous community development projects and also serves as legal advisers to many non profit organizations. The firm has represented a number of death penalty cases free of cost; their main aim is to help citizens struggling in legal disputes. Legal clinics, seminar, and volunteer work are core features of Fredrickson Byron law firm's pro bono work.

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