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About the Firm

The law firm of Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy PC, simply referred to as Fragomen, is one of the world’s most famous immigration law firms. Unlike many other large firms that have a number of different practice areas, Fargomen focuses only on immigration. The firm assists clients in matters such as international transfers, hiring of workers, and permanent transfers. More than 1000 immigration professionals in 39 offices across 15 countries represent clients in all types of immigration related issues. Despite being one of the largest law firms of its kind, Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy PC emphasize on providing highly personalized service, in order to fully understand a client’s unique needs and fulfill them in the best possible manner.

Fredrikson and Byron PA was founded in 1948 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From its humble beginnings, the firm now has more than 200 attorneys and maintains 3 offices. The firm still holds the founding principle of applying business thinking to law close to its heart, and offers innovative solutions to clients. The attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron go far more than just representing their clients – they act as business advisors and strategic partners in order to devise the best course of action in a particular situation. Additionally, their pro-active approach to helping address a client’s case, makes the legal team at Fredrikson and Byron stand out among others.

The attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron PA are highly qualified and experienced, with many years of experience in their particular practice areas. By combining their experience and knowledge of the law with the firm’s commitment to its clients, and its strong reputation, these attorneys are able to come up with solutions that suit their clients’ needs in the best possible manner. The firm has a long history of pro bono work, and prides itself in having helped individuals, families and a large number of nonprofit organizations with their legal needs. The staff at Fredrikson and Byron PA contributed more than 13,000 hours to pro bono activities. All in all, the attorneys at Fredrikson and Byron are ideally suited to represent clients in virtually every area of law.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What can you tell me about the pro bono work of Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen And Loewy PC?

A:Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy PC has acquired recognition for its pro bono services. The firm provides free legal services in matters of human rights advocacy and family law. it believes in helping citizens struggling in legal disputes. The firm has also set up many pro bono projects to serve its people. Counseling clinics and guidance clinics have been set up to cater to legal needs of low income sectors of the society. Iraqi program, The Door, CLINIC, Immigration Equality, and Casa Cornelia Law Center are a few of the pro bono projects.

Q:In which area does the Singapore office of Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy LLP specialsie in?

A:Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy LLP has offices in many cities worldwide. Its office located in Singapore basically practices in the area of Singapore immigration services. Attorneys at the Singapore office are trained and skilled to handle even the most complex immigration cases. The firm utilizes technical knowledge and innovative approaches to provide clients outstanding legal services. It also offers counseling services and guidance for people in immigration disputes.

Q:Can you give some information about the history of Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy law firm?

A:Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy law firm was established in 1951 as Elmer Fried P.C. It began as one of the only legal companies that offer litigation services exclusively for immigration claims. Over the years the firm has gained tremendous experience and skill in this specific practice area. The firm opened its first international branch in 1999 in Brussels.

Q: Have lawyers and Fragomen Attorney’s won any awards for their performances?

A:Fragomen Attorneys have built the firms repute with hard work and dedication. Their skill and expertise has been recognized and appraised by many publications and journals. The firm's teams of attorneys have been ranked in top 100 in Best Lawyers in America. They have also won many international business awards for global performance such as the Asia Pacific Legal 500 award. Martindale Hubbell has AV Rated 15 lawyers at this firm.

Q:Fragoman Del Rey Bernson and Loey law firm provides legal services in which areas?

A:Fragoman Del Rey Bernson and Loey law firm is a popular company that has specialized in the following practice areas: immigration law, business immigration law, compliance law, export controls law, investment services law, and visa law. Fragoman Del Rey Bernson and Loey law firm has skilled teams of lawyers that have dedicated their careers to providing quality services to business organizations and individuals.

Q:Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy law firm has offices located in which cities?

A:Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy law firm has set up offices in major cities in America and across the globe. Some of the prominent office locations are in San Jose, San Francisco, Perth, Dubai, Johannesburg, Sydney, Shanghai, Wellington, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, Santa Clara, Phoenix, New York, Troy, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Matawan, and many more cities.

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