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About the Firm

Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto is one of the largest law firms specializing in Intellectual Property Law. The firm represents clients in a large number of matters including applying for patents, patent protection, litigation, copyrights, licensing and other corporate matters. With offices in New York, Washington, D.C., and Orange County, California, the firm is ideally placed to represent clients all over the United States. What sets Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto apart from other firms is their commitment to learning about, understanding and using the latest in technology. This not only allows the firm’s attorneys to be familiar with how these technologies work, but also allows them to develop effective strategies to protect information and ideas.

The law firm of Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto was founded in 1971, and since its beginning, has remained in the headlines owing to high profile clients and cases. Focusing on representing clients in the entire spectrum of Intellectual Property related matters, the firm quickly grew to become one of the largest of its kind in the nation. The impressive list of clients including some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry helped the firm grow even more, and today, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto touts itself as “We are IP”. One unique advantage clients get with Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto is that most of their attorneys hold degrees in technology, and are quickly able to grasp their clients needs and issues, and come up with a solution that best suits their current and future requirements.

The highly qualified attorneys, unparalleled experience in this field, and excellent knowledge of the latest technologies makes Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto ideal for representing clients in its particular practice area. The firm’s track record speaks for itself, and among numerous awards and recognitions, is a recent recognition of nine of the firm’s lawyers and the firm itself, as “a leading firm in the Intellectual Property Category”. With more than 175 highly qualified attorneys at your service round the clock, the law offices of Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto are the go-to place for all types of intellectual property matters.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you give some information about the diversity in recruitment of lawyers at Fitzpatrick Cella Harper And Scinto law firm?

A:Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto law firm hires attorneys and lawyers based upon their talent and skill solely. The firm does not base its recruitment policy on name and recognition of candidates. This has allowed the firm to develop a large employee base of diverse people. Fitzpatrick Cella Harper And Scinto also emphasizes women employment and helps contribute to the growth of women entrepreneurs. The use of diversity in hiring has led to success at Fitzpatrick Cella Harper And Scinto law firm.

Q:Can you name some attorneys working in the practice area of pharmaceuticals and chemicals at Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto law firm?

A:Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto law firm has over 50 attorneys working in the practice area of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These skilled and qualified attorneys have helped many businesses and individuals in disputes regarding this field. A few have been mentioned here: Christopher P. Borello, Tara A. Byrne, Daniel S. Glueck, Timothy J. Kelly, Jason M. Okun, Lawrence S. Perry, John D. Calin, Donald J. Curry, and Steven C. Kline.

Q:Can you give a brief overview about Fitzpatrick Cella Harper Scinto law firm?

A:Fitzpatrick Cella Harper Scinto law firm was founded in 1971. It was initially established to provide legalservices to technological institutions and technology related issues. With the passage of time the firm gained expertise in various technology areas. Innovation, skill, and quality are the leading factors of success at Fitzpatrick Cella Harper Scinto law firm. The firm practices law in major technology areas. it has sustained a unique culture of integrity and value.

Q:Can you tell me about the green initiatives at Fitzpatrick Cella Harper law firm?

A:Fitzpatrick Cella Harper Law firm has created a green initiative which focuses on preserving the environment and saving energy. The firm encourages employees to recycle material and use sensor control lighting, its power saving policies help contribute to resource management. The firm also practices document management, less usage of paper is encouraged. It has set up a green committee which is aimed at bringing global issue into the spot light.

Q:Can you name some renowned attorneys working at Fitzpatrick Law Firm?

A:Fitzpatrick Law Firm has hired world renowned attorneys to work under its roof. They have achieved qualification and skill in their specific practice area. A few attorneys have been mentioned here: Robert L. Baechtold, Seth Boeshore, Patrick Christopher, Lisa Butler, Tara A. Byrne, Josh Calabro, Dominick A. Conde, Jude J. Andra, April M. Breyer, and Stphen M. Belisle.

Q:Harper Law Firm has offices in which major states?

A:Harper Law Firm has offices located in the following major cities: Washington DC, New York, and California. The firm has become one of the highest recommended legal firms in these states. It successfully caters to legal needs of major companies and individuals residing in nearby areas. strong communication and timely responses have enabled the firm to provide affordable legal services for all client groups.

Q:Harper Law Office solves legal disputes in which key areas?

A:Harper Law Office provides legal services in the following key areas: Nanotechnology law, electronics and computers law, pharmaceuticals law, chemicals law, patent prosecution law, litigation, trademarks and copyrights law, biotechnology law, licensing and transactions law, and more. The firm has lawyers working under its name that provide innovation solutions in these practice areas.

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