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About the Firm

While most law firms are vigilantly safeguarding the vulnerability of employees it is easy to ignore the rights of the employer. Fisher & Phillips LLP, a national law firm established in 1943, was one of the first law firms to take up the neglected duty of representing employers in matters of labor and employment. Today Fisher and Phillips is not only one of the largest law firm in the field of employment  and labor issues, but also a torch bearer where matters of providing legal coverage to the employers is concerned. Today one of Fisher & Phillips LLP‘s strongest commitments is to providing practical and innovative legal advice and solutions to employers in managements preventive and labor issues.
Fisher & Phillips LLP real areas of expertise are NLRB practice, wage and hour, EEOC, disability law, occupational safety and health, educational law, pension and benefits and business immigration. In addition to this the Fisher and Phillips teams of attorneys help clients shield themselves from litigation risks by coming up with pro-active legal solutions. This encompasses developing comprehensive employment contracts, policies and proceedings which can benefit and safeguard both employees as well as employers. The 27 offices of Fisher & Phillips LLP located from coast to coast handle a diverse range of clients from hospitality, health care, automotive, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, credit unions, banks and financial institutions, private schools, colleges and universities, state and local governments, legal and professional service firms, insurance and related services, and non-profit organizations.
On the whole Fisher & Phillips LLP is one of the flag bearers of diversity in the work place. The firm hired its first female partner, Margie Hames as early as 1962.  Dorothy Toth Beasley, Ms. Hames soon followed and worked on to gain well deserved high ranking positions within the firm. This tradition of equal opportunity employment is still just as strong as it was back then and today the Fisher & Phillips LLP corporate corridors can be seen filled with team members from various ethnic, social and gender backgrounds at every management level.

Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto is one of the largest law firms specializing in Intellectual Property Law. The firm represents clients in a large number of matters including applying for patents, patent protection, litigation, copyrights, licensing and other corporate matters. With offices in New York, Washington, D.C., and Orange County, California, the firm is ideally placed to represent clients all over the United States. What sets Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto apart from other firms is their commitment to learning about, understanding and using the latest in technology. This not only allows the firm’s attorneys to be familiar with how these technologies work, but also allows them to develop effective strategies to protect information and ideas.

The law firm of Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto was founded in 1971, and since its beginning, has remained in the headlines owing to high profile clients and cases. Focusing on representing clients in the entire spectrum of Intellectual Property related matters, the firm quickly grew to become one of the largest of its kind in the nation. The impressive list of clients including some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry helped the firm grow even more, and today, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto touts itself as “We are IP”. One unique advantage clients get with Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto is that most of their attorneys hold degrees in technology, and are quickly able to grasp their clients needs and issues, and come up with a solution that best suits their current and future requirements.

The highly qualified attorneys, unparalleled experience in this field, and excellent knowledge of the latest technologies makes Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto ideal for representing clients in its particular practice area. The firm’s track record speaks for itself, and among numerous awards and recognitions, is a recent recognition of nine of the firm’s lawyers and the firm itself, as “a leading firm in the Intellectual Property Category”. With more than 175 highly qualified attorneys at your service round the clock, the law offices of Fitzpatrick Cella Harper and Scinto are the go-to place for all types of intellectual property matters.


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  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Leaves
  • Employment Discrimination and Harassment
  • Global Immigration
  • Labor Relations
  • Litigation of Employment Disputes
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Downsizing
  • Preventive Services
  • Special Education Law
  • Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Workplace Safety and Health (OSHA)
  • Other Practice Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you give some information about the employee culture at Fisher And Phillips LLP?

A:Fisher And Phillips LLP has created a unique corporate culture than enhances learning and professional ism amongst employees. All attorneys and lawyers are trained regularly to make sure they are updated with the latest changing trends and events. It has over 265 employees working under its roof. The law firm also emphasizes personal development; it strongly believes that a happy workforce will lead to customer satisfaction.

Q:What recognitions and honors have been given to Fisher And Phillips Law Firm?

A:Fisher and Phillips Law Firm has been named as the power player by Jeff Weintraub for three consecutive years. Many of its attorneys and lawyers have been listed in the Super Lawyers ranking each year. The firm has been named as one of the most influential legal firms of 2011. They are also considered the legal elite in many states, from Ohio to New England. Fisher and Phillips Law Firm has been named as the 2012 lawyers of the year. These are just a few of the awards and honors the firm has achieved with its hard work and superior litigation skills.

Q:How do the services of Fisher Phillips law firm differ from other firms?

A:Fisher and Philips law firm has built repute with its cutting edge solutions in the industry. Clients prefer this firm over others due to higher quality and more customized services. The firm does not believe in giving clients off the shelf legal solutions, instead it invests in creating innovative legal solutions to best match the clients situation. On the other hand, clients coming to Philips law firm experience timely response and a sense of belonging.

Q:Fisher And Phillips has offices located in which cities?

A:If you want to contact Fisher And Phillips law firm it would be helpful to know that the firm has offices set up in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbia, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Irvine, Los Angeles, Louisville, New Jersey, Kansas City, Memphis, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Washington DC, Tampa, and more. the offices provide all sorts of legal services to clients.

Q:Fisher Solicitors provide quality legal solutions in which major practice areas?

A:Fisher Solicitors serve in numerous practice areas. Clients and businesses seek legal advice and help from Fisher Solicitors in the following key areas: Employee law, healthcare law, hospitality law, workplace safety law, international employment law, education law, global immigration law, automotive manufacturing law, and dealership law. Attorneys work in teams to create innovative solutions that sets them apart.

Q:Can I find a Phillips Lawyer for a claim in the practice area of healthcare?

A:You can find highly skilled lawyers at Phillips Law firm who work solely in this practice area. They provide cost effective solutions and cutting edge solutions to cater to various healthcare legal issues. Form third party liabilities to wage and hour compliance, Phillips law firm handle all sorts of cases. Lawyers working in the healthcare sector at this firm are also members of the healthcare union. Their key objective is to prevent unjust practices, and protect the rights of parties.

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