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About the Firm

Falge & Mclean PC is a law firm with its headquarters in New York. The company focuses on the legal aspects of real estate transactions and worker compensation. Falge & Mclean assures that their clients get the best of the representation and never compromise on quality. It offers services in areas ranging from workers’ compensation to commercial clients as well as individuals, making it the biggest concentration area for Falge & Mclean. The firm works with more than 100 worker compensation insurance companies all over the country at a time which includes working for employees in the local, state, and private sectors of the economy.
Falge & Mclean is known for focusing on claims like experiencing job injury and facing unpaid leaves, expense of the medical treatment, and any other claim that might appear as a result of the injury at the time of work. Other type of cases that Falge & Mclean takes up includes cases for discrimination amongst employees, appeal for subrogation, and various types of fraud cases. The firm has a vast experience in handling worker compensation issues with the best resources put to use to ensure that the client gets the desired results in the shortest duration.

Lawyers at Falge & Mclean can respond to a query application filed within 24 hours via email and address the issue by sending the review of the claim. The firm believes in no-paper system and depends on legal software and technologies for their case solving with the highest level of trained professionals used for review. The efficient operation system has contributed towards making Falge & Mclean one of the firms to handle the highest number of workers’ compensation cases.
Falge & Mclean stands out amongst others in the market for coming to conclusion within the least possible time on almost all their cases. Attorneys at the Falge & Mclean have helped the firm build a reputation of client satisfaction with the help of improved skills and advanced legal technology.


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Areas of Law

  • Child Support
  • Criminal Law
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Insurance Defense
  • Litigation & Appeals
  • Personal Injury Defense
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Traffic Violations
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Workers' Compensation Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How many attorneys are currently working at the Falge & McLean law firm?

A:There are a total of nine attorneys working at the law offices of Falge & McLean. Both Daniel J.Falge and Tracey A.Mclean are partners at the firm and between them specialize in a number of areas of law. John I.Hvozda, Jason L.Cassidy, Alex J.Abdo, Dean C.LaClair and Rebecca L.Kaszycki work as Associates. And Claire Thomas Brookins and Nnacy J.Christy are Counselors. The lawyers at Falge & McLean law have a combined experience of more than 20 years with areas of practice ranging from workers compensation law to child custody and support.

Q:Can you give some information about McLean Law Firm?

A:McLean law firm is a litigation firm located in Spokane, Washington. The firm specializes in personal injury claims and offers a range of legal services. McLean law firm is dedicated to helping people suffering from accidents and injuries caused by others. It is headed by Byron McLean, a qualified attorney from Washington. The firm takes all kinds of injury claims and works for providing justice to its clients. A few areas in which it practices law include nursing home negligence, unsafe premises, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, truck collisions, and automobile collisions.

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Falge & McLean

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