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About the Firm

With over half a century of combined experience, the firm of Fait, Wise & DiLima is one of the top law firms in Maryland. The firm specializes in Family Law, and their practice in this area and related matters has been exceptionally successful, making this Rockville, Maryland based firm one of the top in the region. The firm’s founding partner, Dorothy R. Fait has a J.D. degree and has been a member of the Maryland Bar since 1973. Co-founder Brian D. Wise and Marjorie G. DiLima have been with the firm for more than a decade, and have more than twenty five years of combined experience in litigation, appellate, family law, child custody, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Fait, Wise & DiLima
has been a regular in the headlines thanks to the extensive community work the firm’s attorneys are involved in. Founder Dorothy Fair has held important positions in numerous local, state and national organizations working for women’s rights, crime prevention, spouse abuse and family law. Fait’s work over the years has helped her earn a number of awards, including a ‘Woman of Valor Award’, and her name has been included in Maryland’s 100 Top Women. She has also been named as one of Maryland and DC’s Super Lawyers for five consecutive years. Co-founder Brian Wise has also been named a Maryland and DC Super Lawyer for three years in a row. Partner DiLima serves as a Bar Leader for the County Bar Foundation and has received awards for Extraordinary Commitment to the Delivery of Legal Services.

The attorneys at Fait, Wise & DiLima have over fifty years of combined experience in family law and are known for being thoroughly professional when it comes to dealing with sensitive matters. The countless commendations Fait, Wise & DiLima have received over the years makes them the go-to place for dealing with divorce, child custody, alimony and child support, and related issues. With their commitment to ‘listen and help’, Fait, Wise & DiLima undoubtedly remains one of the best legal firms in the entire region.

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  • Family Law
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