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About the Firm

Douglas Jennings law firm is one of the premier litigators in the Northeastern part of South Carolina. It specializes in a number of legal areas including personal injury, medical malpractices and worker compensation. This firm alone is responsible for more than a million dollars in recoveries for its clients and enjoys an exceptional reputation for honesty, fair play and diligence. In addition to worker compensations, Douglas Jennings law firm specializes is car accident injuries, criminal charges and parole board hearings as well. With extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the criminal legal system, the firm emphasizes on serving its clients and understanding their issues thoroughly.  This commitment and tradition of helping those in need of legal assistance has played a major role in its success. This and much more are some of the reasons why Douglas Jennings law firm is the most admired and respected providers of legal assistance in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. 
The firm is headed by Douglas Jennings .Jr, a respectable name with more than 28 years of litigating experience. A graduate of University of South Carolina School of law, Douglas Jennings .Jr has litigated some of the most famous criminal cases in South Carolina’s history. He has received the ‘litigator of the year’ award by a number of organizations including the South Carolina Department of Revenue in 1995 and South Carolina Trooper’s Association in 1997. Douglas Jennings .Jr is also the recipient of the Bennettsville Downtown Development Association Public Service Award in 2007 which speaks volumes of his commitment to giving back to society. He is member of the South Carolina House of Representatives since 1991 and South Carolina House Judiciary Committee since 1992. In recognition of his services to the community, a major portion of the highway in the Pee Dee region has been named after him. Under professional and capable leadership, Douglas Jennings law firm is devoted to justice and helping its clients achieve the best possible decisions. 

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Areas of Law

  • Criminal Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Government Agencies & Programs
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Plaintiff
  • Personal Injury Plaintiff
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Products Liability Law
  • Social Security Disability
  • Traffic Violations
  • Wills
  • Workers' Compensation Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you give me an overview of the Douglas Jennings Law Firm?

A:The Douglas Jennings law firm is situated in Bennettsville, South Carolina, where it has been providing legal services for more than 28 years. The firm provides legal assistance in a number of areas of law. These include Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Criminal Charges, Parole Board Hearings, Car Accident Injuries, DUI/DWI, Workers Compensations and Wrongful Death. Douglas Jennings is the graduate of University of South Carolina School of Law and dedicates 75% of his practice to litigation.

Q:Can the Douglas Jennings law firm help me with traffic offences?

A:Yes, the Douglas Jennings law firm has extensive experience in dealing with traffic violations. The Douglas Jennings attorneys can help clients with speeding, driving without or a suspended license, careless and reckless driving, driving without insurance and following too closely offenses. The Douglas Jennings law firm handles serious offenses like DUI/DWI as well.

Q:In what areas of criminal defense can Douglas Jennings attorney at law help me?

A:The Douglas Jennings attorney at law covers a number of areas in criminal defense. Areas covered in criminal defense are Arson, Conspiracy, Domestic Violence, Grand Larceny, Murder, Robbery, Sex Offenses, Rape/Sexual Assault, Fraud, Drug Possession, Traffic Offenses, White Collar Crime and Drug Trafficking. The above mentioned are just some of the areas in criminal defense covered by the attorneys at Douglas Jennings law firm.

Q:What specific areas of personal injury do Jennings law firm deal in?

A:The Jennings law firm extensively deals in personal injury cases. The firm specifically deals in motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workplace injuries & workers compensations. Some of the injuries the firm has experience in dealing with are fractures, brain damage, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, disfigurement and amputation. The firm's principal lawyer Douglas Jennings Jr. has been representing personal injury clients for more than 20 years.

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