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About the Firm

Devereaux Stokes Nolan Fernandez and Leonard is a reputed law firm that was set up by attorney Mr. Stokes. It is located in the city of ST. Louis and is known for its successful cases nationwide. The firm has grown since its establishment in 1971; it has become a leading company in the state of Missouri. The firm has dedicated itself to providing legal services for helpless people who have suffered injury or trauma due to negligence of others. Their main areas of practice include medical health care, tax, product liability and vehicle negligence. Years of practicing in these fields has made them one of the most experienced injury law firms.
The team of attorneys at Devereaux Stokes Nolan Fernandez and Leonard has proved to be the best in the state. Assessment of each case is underdone by a team of related experts in the field. Many people have been given justice and have won their claims even in complex situations that were refused by other litigation companies. The success rate at this firm is outstanding, and has added to a strong reputation as compared to competitors. Hard work and dedication has helped the firm achieve a name in the legal industry. Attorneys and lawyers have been awarded for their services and are active members of the American Board of Trial Attorneys. Client’s interest, their suffering, and their rights are what the firm represents. Free consultation and legal advice is offered to all its potential clients.
Devereaux Stokes Nolan Fernandez and Leonard has also set up many fundraisers for community development. Their interest in developing the community and helping the needy has always been an important aspect. Attorneys and lawyers working here have generously volunteered for pro bono work, taking legal claims of low income clients and working solely for their interests. Pro bono projects at Devereaux Stokes Nolan Fernandez and Leonard include the Habitat for Humanity 1994 and Gateway to Homeless Shelter (2006- present). They also provide study scholarships for many aspiring students, contributing to the educational development of the nation’s youth. Many poor families have benefitted from the generosity and donations of Devereaux Stokes Nolan Fernandez and Leonard.

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Areas of Law

  • Class Actions Plaintiff
  • Criminal Law
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Premises Liability Plaintiff
  • Products Liability Law
  • Personal Injury Plaintiff
  • Professional Malpractice Law
  • Railroad Worker Injury FELA
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Plaintiff
  • Toxic Torts
  • Workers' Compensation Law

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Devereaux, Stokes, Nolan, Fernandez & Leonard

133 South 11th Street
Suite 350
St Louis,MO,63102
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