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About the Firm

The Caton Law firm goes by the motto of “Paying personal attention”. This leading law firm has built its success in the law industry with outstanding legal services and customized service delivery. The Caton Law firm is recommended by numerous clients when it comes to legal help. The firm was founded in 1985 as Kathy C. Cathey, but changed its name to The Caton Law firm in recent years. With just a few years in the field, the firm has undoubtedly beat many rivals and has attained a position in the top law firms of the country. From personalized services to expertise case assessments, The Caton Law firm specializes in various legal products. A major reason for the success of the firm is treating each client as an individual and catering to their legal needs with innovative solutions.
The Caton Law firm has a large team of lawyers who specialize in many practice areas. A few practice areas include estate planning law, probate law, business organization law, elder law, and tax law. It has achieved praise for its ability to cater to complex legal matters. Lawyers at The Caton Law firm build legal solutions keeping in mind the client’s needs and objectives. Lawyers working for this firm make sure clients fully understand the law procedure, and are encouraged to take part in the proceedings. The Caton Law firm provides consultation services to clients to help them determine which legal course should be pursued. This helps build transparency, ultimately leading to client trust.
With state of the art technology and innovation, the firm has managed to keep its legal fees at a minimum level. This has allowed many clients to seek affordable legal help from The Caton Law firm, creating an extremely diverse client base. Real estate fees are charged on a simple base fee, whereas in some cases the fee is charged on a contingency basis. It’s not the profit that matters to The Caton Law firm, client convenience and affordability is considered more important. The firm has made headlines in many legal publications for its excellence in legal services.


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