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About the Firm

Buchalter Nemer Fields and Younger LLP is a reputed multi service litigation firm. It has specialized in offering legal services in all areas of law. The firm has gained a high position in the law industry due to its distinguished quality services. For over 60 years Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger LLP has stayed ahead in the field due to with constant innovation and growth, on the practical front as well as intellectual front. Areas of practice include business law, family law, banking law, labor law, healthcare law, patent law, and real estate law.
Buchalter Nemer Fields and Younger LLP believes in hiring the best talent available in the field of law. Their team of experts includes some of the finest lawyers in the nation who believe in providing the best solutions for legal problems. Client claims coming to Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger LLP are provided with expertise assessment. The firm has created a vast network of attorneys and has partners in all states. Team work and alternative thinking holds strategic importance in its staff, attorneys work as teams to ensure they arrive with the best legal solution for cases. So no matter how complex a case is, clients leave with satisfactory results. Customer relationship building is based on trust and honesty at Buchalter Nemer Fields and Younger LLP. The firm’s core mission is to consider client’s problem as their own problem.
The firm has created legal services with minimized cost, successfully creating a competitive edge in the market. Their low costs and timely case management has been able to help many individuals nationwide. It has set up a number of pro bono projects. Buchalter Nemer Fields and Younger LLP’s attorneys work on many cases free of cost, solely to create a positive difference in the lives of many. Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger LLP has been mentioned in a number of publications as having one the best pro bono lawyers in the country. At Buchalter Nemer Fields and Younger LLP its not just about making a profit, its about helping community members fight for their lost rights.


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Areas of Law

  • Bank and Finance
  • Corporate
  • Health Care
  • Insolvency and Financial Solutions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Tax & Estate Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger was founded in which year and what's the history behind this firm?

A:Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger was founded by three young and up-coming lawyer's in1948 - Irwin R. Buchalter, Jerry Nemer and Murray Fields. The firm was primarily formed to serve the business community of a post-war commercial community. The firm soon gained a satisfying reputation which helped them thrive and grow with their clients. This growth led to the diversification of the firm. By 1957 the firm had merged into another successful law firm- Gitelson, Cooper, Coyle & Savitch-this expanded the firm's fields of expertise. In 1979, the former California Attorney General Evelle Younger joined hands with the firm and it finally emerged as Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger.

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Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger

1000 Wilshire Boulevard
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Los Angeles,CA,90017-2457
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