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About the Firm

Established in 1897, Bond Schoeneck and King is a law firm which has outshined other law firms of the region due to the professionalism, excellence and integrity of its administrative staff and values, not to mention a history of dedication and success for quite a few decades now. The outstanding commitment to work has managed to get Bond Schoeneck and King some of the most renowned clients within the United States. Lawyers at Bond Schoeneck and King not only work towards a broader client base but are also significantly contributing to the society as a whole by serving communities and encouraging development in the region. The firm has always taken up challenging case other than focusing on the practice areas they have command over. They are dedicated towards offering diverse and innovative services to each of their clients as they believe no two cases are the same.
Bond Schoeneck and King has served more than 10 industries and are offering services in about 27 practice areas. However, they are known the most to be serving labor practices, employee benefits, NCAA practices, intellectual property, higher education, and litigations. The firm has several offices within different states and is catering to a client base consisting of the entire country. Its major offices are located in New York and Florida.
Bond Schoeneck and King is one of the biggest legal service providers in the northeast region of the country in terms of labor and employee benefits. More than a dozen lawyers of the firm were listed on the Best Lawyers in America list in 2006 – 2007. Three other lawyers of the firm are members of the Chambers USA with eight of them recognized as the American College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. Bond Schoeneck and King has also been offering pro bono services to a number of organizations and individuals in the state of New York. The firm provides outclass assistance to non-profit organizations and ensures that they are represented well. In its pro bono efforts, the firm has been honored by the New York Bar Association. It is associated with a bunch of community service organizations operating within the state to encourage development and growth of the region. 


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Areas of Law

  • Administrative, Legislative and Regulatory
  • Business Law and Transactions
  • Business Restructuring, Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy
  • Collegiate Sports
  • E Discovery & Information Management
  • Environmental Law and Energy Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law and Technology
  • Labor Law and Employment Law
  • Litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • OSHA Law
  • Property Law
  • Public Finance
  • Securities Law
  • Tax Assessment, Condemnation & Property Valuation
  • Tax Law
  • Trust and Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Does Bond Schoeneck and King law firm offer services in the practice area of intellectual property?

A:Yes, Bond Schoeneck and King law firm offers law services for all kinds of intellectual property claims. It has a large team of attorney's who specialize in this field. They handle a full range of cases relating to the following areas: unfair competition matters, patent and trademark issues, intellectual property litigation, patent infringement, U.S patent and trademark office, intellectual property and trade mark, software protection agreements, technology transfer and licensing, clearance studies, employment and consultancies, intellectual property audits, and data privacy.

Q:Can you give some information about the pro bono work at Bond Schoeneck King law firm?

A:Bond Schoeneck King law firm has always participated in pro bono work. Pro bono work is an important aspect of the firm and is a core liability that the firm has always been fulfilling. The 2012 Pro Bono Service Award was given to Bond Schoeneck King law firm which is a very honorable award. The firm has also been nominated for many other pro bono awards in the past. Attorneys at Bond Schoeneck King law firm participate in various community development projects and are known for their contribution in the field of health, education, women's rights, and many more.

Q:Bond Schoeneck law firm offers what kinds of services in the practice area of employment law?

A:Bond Schoeneck Law firm has over 64 attorneys that work specifically on employment related cases. Their main objective is to protect the working rights, compensation rights, and health rights of employees. The firm takes on complex employment cases no matter what industry it relates to, it has dedicated itself to helping employees coming from the health industry, manufacturing industry, service industry, and many other industries. They offer a range of legal services in this area such as consultation, legal advice, trial and arbitration, etc.

Q:Bond Law Firm is located in which different cities?

A:Bond law firm is located in major cities of New York. People in need of legal services can contact the law firm in the following cities: Albany, NY; Garden City, NY; New York, NY; Oswego, NY; Ithaca, NY; and Buffalo, NY. These branches are located in major commercial areas to cater to the diverse legal needs of major businesses and individuals. The firm effectively communicates with one another and has a strong network of attorneys that provide clients with timely response.

Q:What kinds of different industry groups does King Law Office practices in?

A:The practice areas of King Law Office comprises of various groups. if we consider industry groups the firm practices in then the following would be included: agribusiness, banking law services, climate change and sustainability, health care organizations, small and large business, real estate development, construction (residential and commercial), local and district level municipalities, higher education claims, media and communications, school districts, and exempt organizations.

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