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The law firm of Alabama Consumer specializes in protecting consumer rights; the two attorneys at the firm, Stan Herring and John Watts, have an extensive experience in helping consumers deal with issues such as false credit reporting, abusive debt collectors, and illegal foreclosures. With a client oriented approach, the legal team at the law firm of Alabama Consumer works relentlessly to get positive results for its clients. Although the two attorneys at the firm started their careers working in not only consumer protection area but also in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, they shifted gears in mid 2000s and have given an undivided attention to only consumer protection since then.
A distinguishing feature of the attorneys at Alabama Consumer is that they don’t try to prejudge their clients. Also, they don’t choose their clients on the basis of their financial situation. Irrespective of the type of their client, they always listen to the client’s unique problems patiently, and in a straightforward approach, they help him/her in sorting out his/her legal tangles. Clients can depend on the firm to deliver an impeccable legal service marked by honesty and efficiency. Most of the clients of the firm are extremely satisfied by the client service and provide testimonials about the knowledgeable and experienced handling of their cases. Moreover, the firm is also well-known in the legal community, and many of its cases are referrals by other attorneys.
The legal team at Alabama Consumer also works untiringly to improve the legal system; the attorneys conduct seminars, training, and lectures to spread awareness about the practices of consumer protection among other lawyers. Furthermore, they also write articles and publish them on their website; their goal is to make the common man well aware of his/her legal rights and how to fight for them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What major Consumer Protection Law areas does Alabama Consumer law firm practice in?

A:Alabama Consumer law firm is a unique litigation company that deals with consumer protection claims. It has dedicated itself to cater to consumer issues and protection of consumer rights. The different types of consumer protection claims it handles fall into the following categories: credit report errors, bankruptcy, illegal marketing calls, general consumer issues, abusive debt collectors, foreclosures, and cases filed by debt collectors.

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