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About the Firm

Nationally prominent as a leader in drug and device litigation, the law firm of Aaron M. Levine and Associates has been successfully defending the rights of the consumers for the past fifty years. The law firm was founded in Washington D.C. and rapidly reached its present leadership position by evolving and keeping abreast of the advancements in medical technology. The law firm of Aaron M. Levine and Associates doesn’t just consist of the brightest legal minds that are well-versed in the legal system but it also has an in-house doctor and nurse; the goal is to understand the client’s unique medical problems comprehensively. Moreover, the firm also specializes in handling women’s health issues.
Extensive stress is given to research at the law firm of Aaron M. Levine and Associates; every case is meticulously analyzed using both medicine and law. The result of the comprehensive approach of the firm is quite apparent from its presentation of evidence in court of law regarding the link between contraception and pelvic inflammatory disease,  birth control and strokes, and DES Exposure and Cancer, to name a few. The dynamic leader of the firm, Aaron M. Levine, is board certified as a civil trial lawyer and has received the award of the Trial Lawyer of the Year. He has expertly guided the law firm of Aaron M. Levine and Associates to be at the forefront of medical malpractice and defective drugs & medical devices especially in the area of DES Cancer litigation. He works closely with doctors, certified nurses, and pharmacy investigators to get down to the bottom of an issue and help his clients get the compensation that they deserve. Moreover, he strives to make the consumers especially women more aware of their health care rights by writing articles about health issues, medical malpractice, and defective drugs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do Aaron Associates deal with specific drugs?

A:Yes, Aaron Associates have extensive experience in dealing with drugs which are known to have adverse side effects. Some of the drugs that Aaron Associates specialize in are Prempro, Darvocet, Fosamax, Avandia, Actos, Chantix, Zocor and Multaq. This law firm also deals with Zimmer NexGen knee replacement implants. All of the mentioned drugs and treatments have known to have side effects which have resulted in serious life threatening and altering conditions.

Q:How many lawyers are currently employed at Levine and Associates?

A:Currently there are six lawyers working at Levine and Associates. Aaron M. Levine is the president of the firm who also acts as the principal lawyer. Other lawyers part of this firm are Brandon J. Levine, Jennifer Levine, Benjamin J. Cooper, Julie T. Oliver Zhang and Dylan J. Nelson. These lawyers have extensive experience in the areas of product liability and personal injury. Apart from attorneys, the firm also has medical professionals who can help clients with their questions and concerns.

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