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According to the law, the legal definition of paternity is the acknowledgement of the relationship of a man with his child depending on a number of factors. Paternity falls under the category of common law where it is assumed that a child born as the result of a marriage is the child of the woman giving birth and the man she is married to. However, the case can be otherwise if there is sufficient evidence that the born child does not carry the DNA of the husband the woman is married to. Paternity rights of a child are always with the biological father of the child. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you tell me about the statutes that provide the legal basis for Paternity testing?

A:Paternity testing falls into the category of paternity law and family law. It points out the legal rights of fathers in cases of paternity disputes. Paternity testing can be applied for under the following legal statutes: Family reform law act section 20,21, and 23; births and deaths registration act 1953; human tissue act 2004; and family law act 1986. The may under these acts allow paternity tests to be carried out. In simple words, a court can direct interested parents to undergo a paternity test. It is also important that a paternity test be only carried if it holds immense weightage in the case filed.

Q:Can you give me some basic information about paternity law?

A:Paternity law area covers the legal rights of fathers to be. Like mothers, now fathers have the right to apply for a leave if he is expecting a baby at home. However there are certain conditions that have been defined in paternity law that allow the possibility of paternity leaves. You must be an employee or employer at a company, you must have biological/legal right of the baby, if you have worked at the same firm from the time of conception to time of the birth only then you are eligible for paid leave and extra benefits. Paternity leave is very useful for knowing your rights; it has gained a lot of importance as parental roles have shifted in our society.

Q:While searching for paternity lawyers, I came across the term "paternity fraud", what is this?

A:Paternity fraud occurs when a woman states a man to be the biological father of a child to which he is not. It is termed as a fraud when the woman or mother of the child knows that the stated man is not the biological father. In such a case there are a number of victims to this fraud, the biological father, the presumed father, and the child. The biological father is deprived of the relationship of being a father to the child. He can file for a law suit in the states paternity court for paternity fraud.

Q:What are the basic job responsibilities of paternity lawyers?

A:Paternity lawyers are qualified individuals who practice in the area of paternity law. They offer a range of legal services to clients; a few have been mentioned here: interpret laws on paternity, apply laws to specific situations, draft new laws, research precedents, conduct paternity lawsuits, guide and advise clients in cases, assess cases, file brief with court clerk, represent client in court, handle trial preparation details, interview clients and gather needed information, and the more. paternity lawyers are expected to work for client interests and manage all legal issues.

Q:What is Paternity leave Law?

A:Paternity leave law is basically a legal framework that describes the right of employees when it comes to taking a leave for raising children. Every constitution has set rules and guidelines that determine under what circumstances one can take a maternal leave. Female employees who are about to become mothers, and even men who are expecting a baby at home can apply for a leave at their work. The duration and funding of the leave depends upon the company. There are many government schemes that work towards helping employees in need of maternal leaves. This area of law has gained much importance over the years as many employers refused to take back employees after maternity leaves. So you can make sure your job is safe and that your leave is paid for by getting a better understanding of maternity leave rights.

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