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Child Custody

What Does Child Custody Entail?
Whether you are fighting for child custody or fighting against your ex-spouse who wants child custody, you must be going through a tumultuous time. Although you are suffering from tremendous mental anguish during these trying times, you should also be comprehensively aware of the regulations regarding child custody and what controls you will give over if you lose your child’s custody. Child custody is having control over a child’s upbringing; the right of making decisions about his/her religion, education, training, welfare, and health. Moreover, you should also be aware that if you are granted child custody then the non-custodial parent, i.e., your spouse has to give you child support, a periodic payment for compensating for your child’s living expenses.
Child Custody Law
The legal system has put down specific regulations related to child custody and child support collectively known as the Child Custody Law. If you have sole custody of your minor child then certain regulations are followed such as child support given by your spouse. If you are divorced, then you may be granted a joint custody; in such a scenario, living expenses of your child are shared between you and your ex-spouse. Remember that the law wants your separation or divorce to have the least impact on your child; hence, many factors are kept in mind while awarding child custody. You may be granted physical custody if it is beneficial for your child to live with you most of the times while your ex-spouse may be granted legal custody, i.e., he/she will have the right to make important decisions about your child such as his/her education, health care, and religion. Joint custody is usually awarded in divorced parents who are amiable with each other and willing to coordinate with each other to divide time of custody. Split custody, an undesirable form of child custody, is when you have more than one child and you have custody of one or more of your children while your spouse has custody of others. If you are an unmarried mother, then the custody of your child will most probably be awarded to you unless your child’s father takes action for child custody.
Why Hire an Experienced Child Custody Attorney Law?
With you going through a tough time due to your separation period along with the unremitting fear of losing your child, it will definitely be more convenient for you to hire an experienced Child Custody Attorney. Attorneys well versed in Child Custody Law have fought countless cases not just on behalf of mothers but also fathers, so they know both sides of the legal formalities extremely well. Hence, they will hear you out patiently, keep you informed about the proceedings of your case and will advise you about what should be done by you to keep the law in your favor. Moreover, they will apprise you honestly about your rights and what the law expects from you in case you want child custody

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