Workplace Health and Safety

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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace and Health Safety is most commonly referred to as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the professional field. OSH is concerned with the welfare, health, and safety of individuals involved in a professional working capacity and who are considered employed. These mostly include programs, which encourage a healthy work environment in offices, and establish a healthy relationship amongst workers, their families and friends, and other external and internal stakeholders. Organizations which follow the legal occupational health and safety rules often have to spend less on employee injury, medical costs, and sick leaves. OSH is the strictest for workplaces where physical activity of employees is required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you tell me a bit about workplace health and safety laws?

A:Workplace health and safety laws basically describe the rights of employees and employers when it comes to occupational hazard or other risks. The constitution has instructed that companies and firms must make sure that the working environments are safe for employees. Workplace health and safety includes physical elements such as clean environments, safer machinery, non- hazard materials, etc. other elements such as abuse, harassment, etc also fall into this area of law. Workplace health and safety laws restrict the rights of employers and help secure the rights of employees.