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Employee Rights


What are Employee Rights?

The stability of an economy depends tremendously on the healthy growth of its private and government organizations, both large and small-scale. However, an organization can only maintain a consistency in its growth if its employees have incentives to perform at their best. Hence, laws have been devised to protect the employee rights and save them from discrimination against their race, gender, etc.

Laws Regarding Employee Rights and Anti-Discrimination

Laws regarding employee rights start from the very basic rights such as the rights to privacy and go on to larger rights such as protection against harassment on the basis of gender or race. The federal laws regarding employee rights are quite strict. You can’t discriminate against workers with disabilities if they can perform their tasks adequately with their physical or mental impairment. You can’t be asked to leave your job without a qualified reason. Moreover, employee rights include a 12-week leave if a medical problem is genuine. Employers are also not allowed to prefer their younger employees over their older employees. Last but not the least, employers are required by law to pay their employees fairly for the work performed.

Workplace Health & Safety

Another employee rights law about which most people are not aware is the law regarding workplace health & safety called the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Employees should not be exposed to toxic materials that can be detrimental to their health. Either the toxic material should be removed or isolated from the workplace. If that is not possible, then proper ventilation measures should be in place, and the employees should be provided with masks or protective clothing to reduce exposure to toxins. Workplace health & safety also consist of problems like unsafe buildings, faulty wires, etc., and the employees have the right to complain to the authorities if their employer is not listening to their complaints.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Employee Rights Lawyer:

If at any point during your job with a particular organization you feel that you’re being discriminated against due to your gender, age, race, religion, or disability, then you should hire an experienced employee rights lawyer to help you in discovering your legal rights. He/she will explain to you the pros and cons of taking your employer to the court for discriminating against you. Sometimes, it is in your best interests to settle things out of court, so hire an experienced employee rights lawyer to choose the best path for you. An employee rights lawyer also becomes necessary if your workplace is not safe and you’re in a danger of contracting a major disease or receiving a physical injury due to the carelessness of your employer. Meet with an employee rights lawyer, who has experience of prior cases, to discuss what can be done to protect your legal rights. Furthermore, employees may be taken to task by their employers for whistleblowing about the unsafe conditions in their workplace, and OSHA is quite strict about protecting such employees’ rights so you need to gather knowledge about your rights through your lawyer.