Dangerous Products

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Dangerous Products

Types of Dangerous Products

Dangerous products result in thousands of serious injuries and even deaths in the United States. While most injuries caused by defective or dangerous products are fortunately not serious, many are, leading to lifelong illness, disability, loss of hearing or vision and a number of other ailments that can make it very hard to lead a normal life. As such, it is extremely important to be aware about dangerous products and product liability laws. Dangerous products include but are not limited to dangerous drugs such as Ambien, Lexapro and Zoloft as well as Toxic Chemicals and Materials such as Lead, Benzene and Silica. While medical products are checked to ensure high standards of quality, they too may have some defects including defective implants, stents and defibrillators. You should also be aware of dangerous or improperly prepared food, dangerous kids products including toys, defective or improperly designed vehicles and a number of other products. Misprinted information or incomplete warnings may also result in a product causing serious harm.

Compensation for Damages

Product liability law requires manufacturers, distributors or sellers of dangerous products to provide compensation for damages and injuries arising due to their negligence. This includes compensation for manufacturing defects – flaws which are overlooked during the design or development of a product. When it comes to cases related to dangerous products, determining liability is one of the most important – and often most complicated – matters. Liability determines who among the product manufacturer, distributor or seller will take the responsibility for dangerous products and provide appropriate compensation. Damages arising from the use of dangerous products include medical bills and compensation for lost wages. Expenses for medical procedures including surgery or rehabilitation as well as emotional or mental distress and other associated costs also need to be included in order to get a complete picture of the damages caused.

Why Get a Lawyer?

When it comes to dangerous products cases, it is extremely important to have a product liability attorney on your side. Getting legal help is a great way to expedite the claims process. Moreover, lawyers deal with all the paperwork, relieving some of the stress you are going through. Additionally, lawyers are a great help when it comes to determining liability and the exact amount of damage caused. In case the manufacturer or supplier of a product has gone bankrupt or merged with another organization, a lawyer can help determine who the corporate successor is, and who should pay for the damages incurred. Lawyers can also help with negotiations and settlement issues including subrogation. Subrogation is the process by which the amount of money your insurance company or employer receives as a result of your settlement with the manufacturer is determined.

Legal Fees

Legal fees for dangerous products cases vary depending on the significance and seriousness of the claim as well as the lawyers and their firms. A more experienced product liability attorney pursuing a case against a giant corporation will usually charge more legal fees. However, most lawyers pursue dangerous products cases on a contingency basis, meaning that they get a percentage from the total amount awarded.